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Sunday, February 19, 2017


Jehovah Witness Cult Endangers Children and Deceives Adults 

Millions Leave Jehovah Witness Cult and Islam After Realizing God's Triune Nature - 

Don't let their empty smiles fool you. They are the victims of psychological programing and irrationality. The Jehovah witnesses never allow their members to think for themselves. This Hierarchical pyramid religious system is demonic. There's no accountability, Christ is dishonored and they hide all their dirty little secret deeds of perversion from the public. They all serve and follow the same Lucifer Satan. Their brainwashing sessions are all designed to funnel more and more money to unseen oligarchy of billionaire False Prophets who profit from all of the deceived Jehovah Witness slaves. 

More About the Jehovah Witnesses Cult:

Jehovah Witnesses: History of Shame 

What Does The Jehovah Witness Symbol Mean?

Some of you may know and some of you may not know what the symbol of this false religion of Jehovah Witnesses is. Just to get straight to the point, it is a symbol of the Knights Templar for the York Rite of Freemasonry.
(As you can see on this Magazine it is full of Masonic symbols. If you look at the top Left hand corner you will see the crown and the cross, this is a Masonic symbol.)

This is the Logo of the Jehovah's Witness
Here you see C T Russell Tomb showing the Masonic Knight Templar and the All-Seeing eye of the Illuminat at the top 
(Do you see the Similarities in how the structure is designed and his Grave stone? look just like the image on the 1 Dollar bill.)
He was buried at the Masonic Cemetery

The Proclaimers book discusses Russell's funeral, including an image of this tombstone, but neither mentions or shows his impressive pyramid memorial stone.

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