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Monday, July 13, 2015

Evidence for the Historical Jesus by Professor Gary R. Habermas

History, Philosophy, and Christian Apologetics:
Specializing in Resurrection-of-Jesus Research

     "Billions profess to believe in the historical existence, death, and supernatural resurrection of Jesus. This man from Nazareth, a working-class Jew, made an exclusive claim to personal deity. The size of his popular religion and this one audacious claim refuse to be ignored, yet neither one amounts to evidence.

     Gary Habermas has dedicated his professional life to the examination of the relevant historical, philosophical, and theological issues surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus. His extensive list of publications and debates provides a thorough account of the current state of the issue. Christian believers as well as unbelievers may find within the contents of this site a strong argument for the philosophical possibility of miracles and the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus, as well as the theological and practical implications of this event." by Dr. Habermas

The subject of the Historical Jesus is perhaps the most popular religious topic in settings such as university and seminary classrooms, written volumes, and doctoral dissertations. Unlike many of these more formal situations, the question-and-answer format utilized throughout this text allows plenty of space to develop additional angles. Hence, the backtracking, necessary repetition, as well as viewing the subject matter from a variety of perspectives allow the conversation to deepen significantly before moving ahead. In the process, it is our hope that new ideas will be expressed and developed. The overall purpose is to provide a historical context for the original gospel proclamation as provided by Jesus’ disciples at a very early date after the crucifixion itself. If we have come close to providing such a basis, then we will have reached our central goal.

This volume is a transcribed and expanded version of six television programs that appeared originally on “The John Ankerberg Show.” The original material was used by permission, for which we begin by thanking Dr. John Ankerberg, Alan Weathers, and their associates. This explains the similar introduction which appears at the beginning of each chapter. (Continue reading by downloading the whole ebook HERE, in pdf format.)

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