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Saturday, February 07, 2015


YouTube Vid: The Great Deception : The New World Order & Muslim Brotherhood

Obama Bolsters the Brotherhood - by Joseph Klein, Feb. 4, 2015 (See comments by clicking HERE.)

The Obama administration has a soft spot in its heart for the jihadist Muslim Brotherhood.

Just last month, the U.S. State Department went out of its way to insult the president of Egypt, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, whom the Obama administration should be treating as a valuable ally in the fight against global jihadism, by hosting a delegation of leaders who have been aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. The State Department’s guests at the meeting, whose visit was arranged and paid for by Georgetown University, included former Freedom and Justice Party members (the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party). One of the State Department officials who met with the delegation was the deputy assistant secretary for democracy, human rights, and labor.

State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki downplayed the importance of the meeting, which she said was “routine at the State Department as they meet political party leaders from across the world.” But the Muslim Brotherhood-aligned guests lost no opportunity to propagandize their grand reception at the State Department. One of them posed for a picture in front of the State Department’s logo, proudly displaying the jihadist group’s notorious four-finger symbol of defiance, known as the R4BIA salute.

Meanwhile, following the State Department meeting, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt called on its supporters to prepare for “a long, uncompromising jihad.”

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shokry said that the meeting, far from being routine, was “not understandable as they are not a political party, and according to the Egyptian law they should be treated as a terrorist group.”

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which are certainly in a position to know first-hand, have also declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist group.

President Obama evidently believes otherwise. His favorable attitude towards the jihadist organization goes back to the earliest days of his first term as president, evidenced by his administration’s invitation to Muslim Brotherhood leaders to attend his speech to the Islamic world in Cairo on June 4, 2009. The administration’s outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood has continued unabated ever since.

Back in 2012, for example, members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood met with U.S. officials including White House staffers. “Following Egypt’s revolution, we have broadened our engagement to include new and emerging political parties and actors,” White House spokesman Tommy Vietor told POLITICO at the time.

In 2013, Mohamed Elibiary, a Muslim Brotherhood supporter who served as a member of the Obama administration’s Homeland Security Advisory Panel, tweeted that America is “an Islamic country” with an “Islamically compliant constitution.” He has argued that the Muslim Brotherhood is comparable to Christian evangelicals. He also displayed the “R4BIA” four-finger salute symbol associated with the Muslim Brotherhood on his Twitter profile. Elibiary quit his post a year later after questions were raised about his alleged radical Islamist ties.

In early 2014, a UK-based Muslim Brotherhood leader met with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at the White House, accompanying a delegation of the Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

In late 2014, the White House issued a statement claiming that “We have not seen credible evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood has renounced its decades-long commitment to non-violence.” Apparently, the Muslim Brotherhood’s active support for Hamas, itself an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood and still recognized by the U.S. government as a terrorist organization, does not constitute “credible evidence” to the Muslim Brotherhood’s boosters in the Obama White House.

Indeed, the Obama administration is convinced to this day that the Muslim Brotherhood’s participation in Egypt’s political process should continue to be recognized as a legitimate path to genuine democracy in Egypt. On the other hand, they apparently question the legitimacy of President al-Sisi, whom they hold responsible for engineering the overthrow of the elected Muslim Brotherhood-supported former President, Mohamed Morsi.

Never mind that Morsi was usurping powers in his single-minded drive towards imposing a strict code of Islamic law on millions of unwilling Egyptian citizens, who rose up against him in a popular rebellion.

Never mind that President al-Sisi, whatever his own flaws may be, has reached out to the Egyptian Christian community and warned Islamic leaders, whom he addressed last month at Al-Azhar University, the oldest and most prestigious Sunni religious school, that “we are in need of a religious revolution.” He exhorted the imams to act because “this umma is being torn, it is being destroyed, it is being lost – and it is being lost by our own hands.”

Obama did not embrace President al-Sisi’s call for Muslim scholars and religious leaders to examine their own “corpus of texts and ideas that we have sacralized over the years” as the dangerous ideological source of the global jihadist scourge. To the contrary, the Obama administration has embraced the embodiment of the jihadist ideology – the Muslim Brotherhood.

“What this shows is that the widespread rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood across the Middle East, particularly the largest protests in recorded human history in Egypt on June 30, 2013, that led to President Morsi’s ouster, is not recognized by the State Department and the Obama administration,” said Patrick Poole, a terrorism expert and national security reporter. “This is a direct insult to our Egyptian allies, who are in an existential struggle against the Muslim Brotherhood, all in the pursuit of the mythical ‘moderate Islamists’ who the D.C. foreign policy elite still believe will bring democracy to the Middle East,” Poole added.

One of the State Department’s guests last month was Mohamed Gamal Heshmat, an exiled member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s shura council and former parliamentarian. Heshmat claimed he also met with “a representative of the White House.” He added that “The voice of the Egyptian revolution must be loud everywhere.” Heshmat has in the past posed with Hamas Chairman Khaled Meshaal.

Even in its non-violent pose, the Muslim Brotherhood engages in stealth jihad. Its document entitled “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America,” which was published in 1991, declared: “The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

That central goal of the Muslim Brotherhood has not changed in the nearly a quarter of a century since it was enunciated. President Obama, meanwhile, is serving as its enabler.

Joseph Klein is a Harvard-trained lawyer and the author of Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom and Lethal Engagement: Barack Hussein Obama, the United Nations & Radical Islam.

Source: FrontPage Mag.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it. - Colossians 2:15

New caliphate faces an inevitable collapse - Sharif Nashashibi 

Due to limited manpower and resources, as well as the formidable enemies it would face in the process, the Islamic State's "caliphate" stands little chance of expansion

Despite the alarm raised by Sunday's declaration of an Islamic caliphate, it has no chance of long-term survival, let alone significant expansion beyond its current boundaries. The Islamic State (formerly of Iraq and the Levant), stretches from northern Syria to eastern Iraq. Its shortened name is meant to signal that its ambitions are not limited to the territories of its previous title.
However, there is not much more places it can grow - even within Syria and Iraq - due to limited manpower and resources, as well as the formidable enemies it would face in the process. Already covering large swathes of territory, further enlargement would risk classic imperial overstretch.

It cannot expand north into Turkey, or east into Iran, because it would stand no chance against either army. Furthermore, NATO - a political and military alliance of 28 countries - has said it "will not hesitate" to protect Turkey against such a threat.

Encroaching on Iraq's southern neighbours Saudi Arabia and Kuwait would draw in the economic powers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain), as well as the military protection of the US and Britain. A threat to the sizeable Shiite minorities in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait could also draw in Iran. Riyadh has ordered "all necessary measures" against "terrorist organisations".

Militants have taken control of the only legal crossing between Iraq and Jordan. However, Amman has sent reinforcement of tanks and armoured vehicles, and put troops on a state of alert along the border, to stop any encroachment.

Jordan's king has the backing of the US, and Israel has said the international community should support Amman against "Islamic extremism", and make sure it is "able to defend itself". Israel would likely intervene directly to stop its neighbour becoming a base and springboard for militants. In any case, they have not directly threatened Israel from Syria - nor would they - given its military might.

IS has claimed responsibility for a suicide attack in Lebanon, and threatened "the Party of Satan" (Hezbollah) and "its agent, the Lebanese army", with "hundreds" more. However, expanding the caliphate into Lebanon would be resisted by the army and the much more powerful Hezbollah, which would be aided directly by its allies in Damascus and Tehran.

There would also be widespread public opposition from Lebanon's multi-confessional society. Political and sectarian divisions in the country may well be put aside in the face of a looming militant theocracy.

Obstacles in Syria and Iraq

The Islamic State would be hard-pressed to expand further in Syria. Nine rebel groups - including the powerful Islamic Front - and the top body of Syrian Islamic scholars in exile, have issued a statement rejecting the caliphate and urging Muslims to do so.

IS's war with various Syrian opposition groups - including al-Qaeda's affiliate, the Nusra Front - has resulted in 7,000 fatalities since January. Those groups are stepping up their campaign against ISIL, and Washington has asked lawmakers for $500 mn to train and equip vetted Syrian rebels.

In addition, capturing more territory in Syria would eventually lead to full-fledged fighting with the forces of Bashar al-Assad, as well as those of his allies Hezbollah and Iran. So far, ISIL has focused far more on fighting Syrian rebels and consolidating captured territory than taking on the Assad regime. However, the latter did recently bomb ISIL targets along the border with Iraq, to the gratitude of Assad's ally, Prime Minister Nori al-Maliki.

Further enlarging the Islamic State on Iraqi soil would face perhaps even bigger obstacles. While the US is at odds with Russia, China and Iran over Syria, they are all backing Iraq's government and army militarily, financially and politically. They would certainly ramp up their assistance and involvement if the Islamic State made greater gains.

In addition, Maliki has offered to arm civilians willing to fight the Sunni militants. He is also being bolstered by various Shiite militias, as well as a call by the country's top Shiite cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, for Iraqis to join the security forces. Powerful Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr, although an opponent of Maliki, has threatened to "shake the ground" against the militants.

The result of all this external and internal support is that the lightning militant advance in Iraq has slowed, and the army is fighting back. Any attempt by the Islamic State to advance into Shiite heartlands in southern, eastern and central Iraq - including the capital - would face certain defeat.

Neither could the caliphate expand into Iraqi Kurdistan, given the strength of Kurdish forces (the peshmerga). They have been mobilised in what has been described as "the biggest deployment of peshmerga in recent history". Fighting has already taken place, but it is unlikely that the Islamic State would want a full-blown showdown with the peshmerga, not least because this could draw in Kurdish fighters from neighbouring Syria, Turkey and Iran.

Internal collapse

The Islamic State will not even be able to consolidate its hold on its present territory. Besides being under military pressure from so many states and groups, ISIL has committed numerous atrocities against people under its rule, including Sunnis, whose sect of Islam it claims to champion.

Recent history alone shows that jihadist groups have utterly failed to match their battlefield prowess with effective governance. They have shown no understanding of winning hearts and minds - let alone a desire to do so - and this has consistently proved to be their undoing. Just a few examples are Ansar Dine in Mali, al-Shabab in Somalia and al-Qaeda in Iraq.

The latter lost its strength and influence because it so violated Iraq's Sunni Arabs - the very community from which it drew support - that they rose up against it. The same will happen with ISIL, whose bloodlust has caused even Al Qaeda to disavow it. There are already such stirrings within the caliphate.

Indeed, the militants' swift territorial gains in Iraq were not just down to IS, but to various groups - such as secular Baathists, who have reportedly been instrumental militarily - that do not share its ideology, and would resist living under it.

These groups have fought alongside IS not because they want a caliphate, but because they have had enough of the marginalisation of the Sunni Arab community in Iraq. Saudi Arabia has pledged to use its influence within that community to encourage it to join a new, more inclusive Iraqi government to better combat IS.

Prominent Salafist leaders have condemned the Islamic State. Widening dissent from Islamist and jihadist leaders and groups will hinder a call by the caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, for Muslims worldwide to take up arms and rally to his cause. So too will a clampdown by countries regionally and internationally on those who wish to heed his call.

Given the array of enemies and obstacles it faces - internally and externally - the demise of the Islamic State is a matter of when, not if. This is largely of its own doing.

Sharif Nashashibi is an award-winning journalist and analyst on Arab affairs. He is a regular contributor to Al Arabiya News, Al Jazeera English, The National, and The Middle East magazine. In 2008, he received an award from the International Media Council "for both facilitating and producing consistently balanced reporting" on the Middle East.

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Middle East Eye.

Source: Middle East Eye Dot Net


"And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him." - Revelation 12:9

"In Europe, Muslims are engaged in religious proselytizing; on the Arabian peninsula, all proselytizing for any faith other than Islam is forbidden. This lack of reciprocity grates on the Vatican. In the Muslim chant, "Allah-hu Akbar" ["Allah is Greater"], what is left implied, is: Greater than the Hebraic or Christian Gods." - The Vatican and Islam by Lawrence A. Franklin

"Many Catholic groups worldwide already embraced the Palestinian myth. Pax Christi, one of the most famous Catholic organizations, on its website, repeatedly calls the Jewish site a “mosque.” Then there is the Bethlehem University of the Holy Land, the only Vatican-run educational institution in the area and whose founding can be traced back to the visit of Pope Paul VI in the holy land in 1964. The Catholic University recently launched a project about the Rachel’s Tomb. The document calls it “a historical religious site for followers of Christianity and Islam,” whose location is “on Palestinian lands.” The Vatican institution seems to ignore that all of Rachel’s Tomb belongs to Area C, which the Oslo Accords gave to Israeli jurisdiction. The very title of the Catholic project, “Rachel: An Alien in her Hometown,” suggests that the tomb is a spot hijacked by the Israelis. The tomb, the Catholic report says, “is also known by Muslims as the Bilal Ibn Rabah Mosque.” According to the Vatican university, the Jewish shrines are Arab treasures stolen by the Zionists and the Israelis are no more than invading colonizers." - Exposing the Vatican-Islam Alliance by  Giulio Meotti 
"The Secretary General also distanced Islam from the actions of the militant group known as ISIS, saying they "have nothing to do with Islam and its principles that call for justice, kindness, fairness, freedom of faith and coexistence.” " -  World's top Muslim leaders condemn attacks on Iraqi Christians 

YOUTUBE VID: Islam Truth - Agenda of Evil

"In 1988, DR. ALBERTO RIVERA, a former Jesuit Priest wrote, “What I'm going to tell you is what I learned in secret briefings in the Vatican when I was a Jesuit priest, under oath and induction.”

Following the publication of this story, several attempts were made on Dr. Rivera’s life. He soon died of an extreme case of “food poisoning” but his words can still inform us today. This is what he wrote…

A Jesuit cardinal named Augustine Bea showed us how desperately the Roman Catholics wanted Jerusalem at the end of the third century. Because of its religious history and its strategic location, the Holy City was considered a priceless treasure.

A scheme had to be developed to make Jerusalem a Roman Catholic city. The great untapped source of manpower that could do this job was the children of Ishmael. The poor Arabs fell victim to one of the most clever plans ever devised by the Powers of Darkness.

In the Vatican briefing, Cardinal Bea told us this story: A wealthy Arabian lady who was a faithful follower of the pope played a tremendous part in this drama. She was a widow named Khadijah. She gave her wealth to the church and retired to a convent, but was given an assignment.

She was to find a brilliant young man who could be used by the Vatican to create a new religion and become the messiah for the children of Ishmael.

Khadijah had a cousin named Waraquah, who was also a very faithful Roman Catholic, and the Vatican placed him in a critical role as Muhammad's advisor. He had tremendous influence on Muhammad.

Teachers were sent to young Muhammad and he had intensive training. Muhammad studied the works of St. Augustine, which prepared him for his "great calling". The Vatican had Catholic Arabs across North Africa spread the story of a great one who was about to rise up among the people and be the chosen one of their God.

While Muhammad was being prepared, he was told that his enemies were the Jews and that the only true Christians were Roman Catholic. He was taught that others calling themselves Christians were actually wicked impostors and should be destroyed. Many Muslims believe this.

Muhammad began receiving "divine revelations" and his wife's Catholic cousin Waraquah helped interpret them. From this came the Koran. In the fifth year of Muhammad's mission, persecution came against his followers because they refused to worship the idols in the Kaaba.

Muhammad instructed some of them to flee to Abysinnia, where Negus, the Roman Catholic king, accepted them because Muhammad's views on the virgin Mary were so close to Roman Catholic doctrine. These Muslims received protection from Catholic kings because of Muhammad's revelations.
Muhammad later conquered Mecca and the Kaaba was cleared of idols.
History proves that before Islam came into existence, the Sabeans in Arabia worshiped the moon-god who was married to the sun-god. They gave birth to three goddesses, who were worshipped throughout the Arab world as "Daughters of Allah". An idol excavated at Hazor in Palestine in the 1950s shows Allah sitting on a throne with the crescent moon on his chest.

Muhammad claimed he had a vision from Allah and was told: "You are the messenger of Allah." This began his career as a prophet and he received many messages. By the time Muhammad died, the religion of Islam was exploding. The nomadic Arab tribes were joining forces in the name of Allah and his prophet,Muhammad.

Some of Muhammad's writings were placed in the Koran, others were never published. They are now in the hands of high ranking holy men (Ayatollahs) in the Islamic faith. When Cardinal Bea shared this information with us in the Vatican, he said: "These writings are guarded because they contain information that links the Vatican to the creation of Islam." Both sides have so much information on each other that, if exposed, it could create such a scandal that it would be a disaster for both religions.
In their "holy" book, the Koran, Christ is regarded as only a prophet. If the pope was his representative on Earth, then he also must be a prophet of God. This caused the followers of Muhammad to fear and respect the pope as another "holy man".

The pope moved quickly and issued bulls granting the Arab generals permission to invade and conquer the nations of North Africa.

The Vatican helped to finance the building of these massive Islamic armies in exchange for three favors: 1. Eliminate the Jews and Christians (the latter were regarded as true believers, which they called infidels) 2. Protect the Augustinian monks and Roman Catholics 3. Conquer Jerusalem for "His Holiness" in the Vatican As time went by, the power of Islam became tremendous.
Jews and true Christians were slaughtered, and Jerusalem fell into their hands. Roman Catholics were never attacked, nor were their shrines, during this time. But when the pope asked for Jerusalem, he was surprised at their denial!

The Arab generals had such military success that they could not be intimidated by the pope - nothing could stand in the way of their own plan.

Under Waraquah's direction, Muhammad wrote that Abraham offered Ishmael as a sacrifice. The Bible says that Isaac was the sacrifice, but Muhammad removed Isaac's name and inserted Ishmael's name. As a result of this and Muhammad's vision, the faithful Muslims built a mosque, the Dome of the Rock, in Ishmael's honor, on the site of the Jewish temple that was destroyed in 70 A.D. This made Jerusalem the second most holy place in the Islamic faith.

How could they give such a sacred shrine to the pope without causing a revolt?
The pope realized what they had created was out of control when he heard they were calling "His Holiness" an infidel. The Muslim generals were determined to conquer the world for Allah, and now they turned toward Europe.
Islamic ambassadors approached the pope and asked for papal bulls to give them permission to invade European countries. The Vatican was outraged; war was inevitable. Temporal power and control of the world was considered the basic right of the pope.
He wouldn't think of sharing it with those whom he considered heathens.
The pope raised up his armies and called them "crusades" to hold back the children of Ishmael from grabbing Catholic Europe.

The crusades lasted for centuries and Jerusalem slipped out of the pope's hands. Turkey fell, and Spain and Portugal were invaded by Islamic forces. In Portugal, they called a mountain village "Fatima" in honor of Muhammad's daughter, never dreaming it would become world famous.
Years later, when the Muslim armies were poised on the islands of Sardinia and Corsica, to invade Italy, there was a serious problem. The Islamic generals realized they were too far extended. It was time for peace talks. One of the negotiators was Francis of Assisi.

As a result, the Muslims were allowed to occupy Turkey in a "Christian" world, and the Catholics were allowed to occupy Lebanon in the Arab world. It was also agreed that the Muslims could build mosques in Catholic countries without interference, as long as Roman Catholicism could flourish in Arab countries.
Cardinal Bea told us in Vatican briefings that both the Muslims and Roman Catholics agreed to block and destroy the efforts of their common enemy: Bible-believing Christian missionaries.
Through these concordats, Satan blocked the children of Ishmael from a knowledge of scripture and the truth.

The Islamic community looks on the Bible-believing missionary as a devil who brings poison to the children of Allah. This explains years of ministry in those countries with little results.

The Vatican also engineers a campaign of hatred between the Muslim Arabs and the Jews. Before this, they had co-existed peacefully. A light control was kept on Muslims - from the Ayatollah, down through the Islamic priests, nuns, and monks.

The next plan was to control Islam. In 1910, Portugal was going Socialistic. Red flags were appearing and the Catholic Church was facing a major problem. Increasing numbers were against the Church.

The Jesuits wanted Russia involved, and the location of this vision at Fatima could play a key part in pulling Islam to the Mother Church. In 1917, the Virgin appeared in Fatima. "The Mother of God" was a smashing success, playing to overflow crowds. As a result, the Socialists of Portugal suffered a major defeat.

Roman Catholics worldwide began praying for the conversion of Russia, and the Jesuits invented the novenas to Fatima, which they could perform throughout North Africa, spreading good public relations to the Muslim world.

The Arabs thought they were honoring the daughter of Muhammad, which is what the Jesuits wanted them to believe.

As a result of the vision of Fatima, Pope Pius XII ordered his Nazi army to crush Russia and the Orthodox religion, and make Russia Roman Catholic. A few years after he lost World War II, Pope Pius XII startled the world with his phony "dancing Sun" vision to keep Fatima in the news. It was great religious show biz and the world swallowed it.

Not surprisingly, Pope Pius was the only one to see this vision.

As a result, a group of followers has grown into a Blue Army worldwide, totaling millions of faithful Roman Catholics ready to die for the Blessed Virgin. But we haven't seen anything yet. The Jesuits have their Virgin Mary scheduled to appear four or five times in China, Russia, and major appearance in the U.S.

What has this got to do with Islam?
Note Bishop Sheen's statement: "Our Lady's appearances at Fatima marked the turning point in the history of the world's 350 million Muslims. After the death of his daughter, Muhammad wrote that she 'is the most holy of all women in Paradise, next to Mary.'

He believed that the Virgin Mary chose to be known as Our Lady of Fatima as a sign and a pledge that the Muslims who believe in Christ's virgin birth, will come to believe in his divinity." Bishop Sheen pointed out that the pilgrim virgin statues of Our Lady of Fatima were enthusiastically received by Muslims in Africa, India, and elsewhere, and that many Muslims are now coming into the Roman Catholic Church." - Extracted from 911:Masonic Islam

Tuesday, February 03, 2015


"The Religion of Peace? For everyone who thinks Islam is “just another religion”, and that “Allah is simply another name for God”, let this serve as your much-needed wake up call. Islam is not a religion at all, it is an ideology designed to enslave and control the congregant by bloody, violent means."  -  Obscene Demonic Ashura Cutting Ritual Exposes The Satanic Element Of Islam


"Most Muslims do not realize that Islam allows no freedom.   This alone should make them realize that it is Satan behind Islam, and not an eternal God.   Satan wishes only to enslave Muslims to help him enslave the entire world.  He does this by turning them away from the truth -- that salvation is yours already, if you only have faith in God's Son, Jesus.  Islam is a religion based on intimidation and fear.  The word "Islam" does not mean "peace."  Muslims who tell you that the word “Islam” means “peace” are lying to you. The word "Islam" is an Arabic word. The word for peace in Arabic is “solh,” and not Islam. Islam is derived from the root word “taslim,” which means submission or surrender.  A Muslim is not allowed to leave Islam or else risk his or her life. At birth, a person is branded either Muslim or non-Muslim depending on one's descent. 

Among other things, the religion of Islam is a  brain-washing religion, and that is why so many Muslims turn into crazy mindless zombies. The Muslims are required to pray 5 times a day in Arabic to a God who is not there, from the moment they embrace Islam; and when they do so they touch their head to the floor. That is one reason they get so brain-washed, this repetitive prayer. You can often spot fanatical Muslims by the marks on their foreheads resulting from this repetitive touching their head to the floor, where they may whack their head if they really get into it.  As an example, take a look at the below image (and all others released) of Osama's Al Qaida second in command, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, who always gives an anti-U.S. rant; Dr. Ayman has this tell-tale bruise on his forehead from too much head-whacking.

If you are a Muslim, and not praying the mandatory 5 times a day (in Arabic), which must be preceded by the ritual washing/ablution (Wudu) , according to Muhammad you are in great danger of going to hell.  Muslims may be excused from observing the other pillars of Islam like fasting, almsgiving, pilgrimage to Mecca.  But, no Muslim is ever excused from mandatory 5 times a day prayer.  In Christianity there is no compulsion or mandatory prayer.  The Lord God has given Christians free will.  Christians know they are to honor God every day, and not just on a Sunday.  Muslims should count their "blessings".  During Muhammad's fanciful mystical Night Journey to Heaven, Muhammad said that he was originally told by Allah to command his followers to pray fifty times daily, but later Allah revealed this to be too much of a burden.  What Muhammad probably meant was he soon found out that even he couldn't keep up with fifty mandatory prayer sessions a day.  So like many Sura's you'll see below, miraculously a Surah appeared to help Muhammad out in his personal life.

In Christianity, there is no such compulsion.  Yahweh wants heartfelt prayers.  Not scripted prayers.  Christians know enough to speak with God as their "Abba" (literally - daddy in Aramaic).  Muslims typically never even think of one-on-one, two-way prayers to God.  Muslim prayers resemble a "broadcast"; and no reply from their Allah is usually ever expected." (Extracted from History of

Preacher who said 'Islam is satanic' is facing police probe over 'hate mongering - READ the STORY HERE.

 "One of the most embarrassing events in Muhammad's life occurred when Satan put his words in Muhammad's mouth. Muhammad spoke Satan's words as the word of God. This event is documented by several early Muslim scholars and referenced in the Hadith and Quran. Later Muslims, ashamed that their self declared prophet spoke Satan's words, denied the event occurred. A myriad of excuses and denials have been put forth by these later Muhammadans to cover up Muhammad's sinful error.

It must be pointed out again that the "Satanic Verses" event is not something made up by non-Muslims. The event is recorded by the earliest Islamic sources available on Muhammad's life. No one should think that it is a story made up by people who are critical of Islam. It is an episode directly found in the early Islamic records.
This topic is one of the most controversial in Islam. Satan caused Muhammad to recite his words as God's words. The background to this event is that Muhammad and his followers were being persecuted for attacking the pagan faiths of Mecca, and he did not want to further offend his Arab tribesmen, and, he wanted them to become his followers, i.e. Muslims. In fact Muhammad wished that God would not reveal anything further to him that would further alienate his fellow Arabs. So when opportunity arose, he spoke what Satan put into his heart and mind as God's word.

In the Old Testament (OT), if someone caused the people to worship other gods he was put to death - Deuteronomy 13:1 - 5:

"If prophets or those who divine by dreams appear among you and promise you omens or portents, and the omens or the portents declared by them take place, and they say, "Let us follow other gods" (whom you have not known) "and let us serve them," you must not heed the words of those prophets or those who divine by dreams; for the Lord your God is testing you, to know whether you indeed love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul. ... But those prophets or those who divine by dreams shall be put to death for having spoken treason against the Lord you God ... So you shall purge the evil from your midst."

This is exactly what Muhammad did - he advocated the worship of pagan deities as intercessors with God. Later, after Muhammad admitted his mistake and took back the words, he had the audacity to say that God made light of the event! God has never made light of sin or false prophets.

Think about it, which of the Old Testament prophets ever spoke the words of Satan? Those prophets loved their people, but they persisted in speaking the truth to them, not compromising the word of God to gain peace and converts as Muhammad did.

James McConnell, the preacher who claims Muslims can not be trusted. The Pastor comes face-to-face with a leading Muslim spokesman Dr Khalid Anis, and George Galloway MP. The Nolan Show, broadcast live 28/05/2014.


Muslims frequently use the phrase "bring forth the proof". Well, the proof is presented here.

This event is documented by the four early biographical writers of Muhammad's life: Ibn Ishaq, Wakidi, Ibn Sa'd, and Tabari. The Hadith and Quran also contain direct references. Additionally several other Islamic scholars on Hadith (traditions) support the event's occurrence.

One Islamic book on Muhammad's life provides the following list:

"... many of the traditionalists have recorded it with reference to the chains of its narrators. Among them more commonly known are: al-Tabari, Ibn Abi Hatim, Ibn al-Mundhir, Ibn Mardauyah, Ibn Ishaq, Musa ibn 'Uqba, and Abu Ma'shar. It is all the more strange that Ibn Hajar, a recognized authority on traditions insists on the truth of this report and says, "As we have mentioned above, three of its chains of narrators satisfy the conditions requisite for an authentic report."
I have found four of the early Islamic biographical sources for this story in English. Therefore, prior to a discussion and analysis of the event, their writings should be reviewed. What first follows are the four accounts related from the 4 early sources:

1)  Tabari's "History", published by SUNY, and translated by Watt
2)  the "Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir", (The Book of the Major Classes), translated by S. Moinul Haq
3)  the "Sirat Rasulallah" (The Life of Allah's Prophet) by Ibn Ishaq, translated by A. Guillaume
4)  Wakidi's biographical material on Muhammad also includes the story of Muhammad speaking Satan's words. I have not been able to find Wakidi's entire work in English but Wakidi's work is quoted by W. Muir in "The Life of Mahomet"
5)  A sub source from #3 above is found in "New Light on the Life of Muhammad", by A.. Guillaume This source is from a manuscript containing information from other sources as well as Ibn Ishaq. The writer of the manuscript, Yunus ibn Bukayr, heard Ibn Ishaq's lectures at Kufa (located in modern Iraq), and made notes.
6)  Additional supporting evidence will be provided from the Sahih Hadith of Bukhari
7)  Finally, verses from the Quran will be provided as concurring evidence that Muhammad spoke the Quranic verses" (Extracted from MUHAMMAD AND THE SATANIC VERSES,

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Is the Quran the word of God? For years scholars mainly from the west have questioned the authenticity of the nobility of the so-called "the recitation" or the revelation by God to Muhammad through the angel Jibril and literally found to be in darkness. The BOOK of ISLAM is sad to say a false revelation and historically no concrete foundation and can be concluded as a hoax. 

The Satanic Verses in Qur'an

"Now tell me about Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat,
The third one, another goddess.
What! For you the males and for him the females!
That indeed is an unfair division." - Sura an-Najm (Star) 53:19-22

The "satanic verses" are, in transliteration from Arabic, tilk al-gharaniq al-'ula wa inna shafa'ata-hunna la-turtaja, and translate into English as "these are exalted females whose intercession is to be desired" (Satanic Verses p. 340). (Note on the translation of these verses.) The verses comprising this sentence are said to have been added to the 53rd sura of the Qur'an entitled Surat-annajm, The Star (53:19ff)in order to acknowledge the validity of the goddesses Lat, Manat, and 'Uzza. The tradition goes on to say that the verses were later withdrawn and denounced as "satanic." (The "Satanic Verses" Note by Joel Kuortti )

Islam is not a religion of peace but a religion based on violence. The Quran cannot be the word of GOD... it is from the deceiver.. a book inspired by the DEVIL itself!


The Suppressed & Hidden History of Islam

Banned in some countries. A UK seasoned historical author attempts to find archaeological & literary evidence for the alleged Arabian Prophet of Islam outside of the Qur'an/Hadiths having access to the latest findings, going to the lands in question to look for key historical evidence. Supplemental author; R. Spencer's book "Did Muhammad Exist?" review; "Essentially, Spencer maintains that the Arabian empire came first, the theology came later." He concludes: "A careful investigation makes at least one thing clear: The details of Muhammad's life that have been handed down as canonical—that he unified Arabia by the force of arms, concluded alliances, married wives, legislated for his community, and did so much else—are a creation of political ferment dating from long after the time he is supposed to have lived. Similarly, the records strongly indicate that the Qur'an did not exist until long after it was supposed to have been delivered to the prophet of Islam."

"Did Muhammad exist? As a prophet of the Arabs who taught a vaguely defined monotheism, he may have existed. But beyond that, his life story is lost in the mists of legend, like those of Robin Hood and Macbeth. As the prophet of Islam, who received (or even claimed to receive) the perfect copy of the perfect eternal book from the supreme God, Muhammad almost certainly did not exist. There are too many gaps, too many silences, too many aspects of the historical record that simply do not accord, and cannot be made to accord, with the traditional account of the Arabian prophet teaching his Qur'an, energizing his followers to such an extent that they went out and conquered a good part of the world." (pp.214-215)

How will Muslims respond to this book? Some may seek to curse the author. They may respond in outrage. But that will not disprove the facts presented here. Islam is supposed to be a religion based in history. It is supposed to be a religion of reason. But if history will not support the claims of Islam, is it time for Muslims to rethink the legitimacy of Islam? Blind commitment to the teachings of the local imam will not be enough in this age of instant information and verification of facts"

Tom Holland's response to criticism of his documentary;

Note by M4JTC;

In Syro-Aramaic, the language that preceded Arabic, the word "Muhammad" isn't a name but a *title* defined as "The Praised/Anointed One." This title was the Syro-Aramaic reference to "The Christ" of the Bible in Syria and vicinity which historical evidence indisputably proves, then it would have of an Arab Prophet whom is unable to be found outside of the Qu'ran/Hadiths minus the few spurious sources that can't be corroborated/verified by other contemporaneous sources sufficiently since being pseudopigraphica's, which coincidentally comes from Catholic sources, thereby being suspect as to error in translation understanding either by deliberate design or due to general illiteracy of such populations of these times in such areas, which as well would have assisted greatly in spreading the wrong translation definition.

Is the circa 1300-1400 year old story of an "Arab Prophet" built on factual history or is it a corrupted version of various astro-polytheistic pagan & heathen religions of western Mesopotamia merged with certain corrupted Biblical stories being understood in a philosophical/gnostic/heathen way with only touches of Abrahamic understanding when seen though the lens of evidential history? For the student whom diligently/rigorously seeks & studies factual ancient/classical history, digs even deeper, they'll find that Islam's monotheistic position begins when Rome has already been in the same areas since circa mid 4th century seeking converts to Roman Catholicism. Could modern Islam be a Romanized cult that could be called "Arabian Catholicism"? Thus intermixed accordingly with various anti-biblical ideologies/religions, which Catholicism basically is in different flavours depending on where it is in the world as in the case of Islam, and gave Islam it's start around 700AD (officially by evidence, not tradition) with an eerie clue being how closely the dress of a Islamic women (Hijab) and a Catholic Nun's covering is for example? Or is Islam a more nefarious strategy by Rome's agents (Egyptian Babylonian - Templar - Jesuit Jews (Edomite/sons of Esau) through murder and suppression of true history among other things to use as a fierce attack dog for decimating the world population, as is already occurring in order to usher in a One World Order?

Some who appear in the above documentary, either know an "Arabian Prophet" is myth into reality and are being dishonest, or they are unaware of such evidence. Did an alleged "Arabian Prophet" with the alleged 'name' of "Muhammad" actually exist, or is this really a Roman deception?
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