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Thursday, July 02, 2015

4th of JULY is a Satanic Unholy Day in Honor of the god of this world.

The United States of America with its founding fathers believed to be men of God picked the date of 4th of July as their Independence Day? Independence against whom? The so-called Illuminati and High degree Freemason Luciferians stablished a new haven in the New World, a new Atlantis not to worship freely but to continue the ancient demonic plan to rule the world together with the priests  of Baal (Literally the Roman Catholic Priests) and the Church of Rome as the official religion of  the coming One World Government. 

The Occult and The 4th of July - Satanic Holiday - Satanism Hidden in Plain Sight
July 4th & its Occult Tradition(s)
July 4th is the day of the year planet Earth is furthest from the sun. When celebrating tonight, realize the Masonic Founding Fathers picked July 4th to celebrate 'Independence Day' - not to be free from Royal Monarch rule, but as a hidden celebration of Sun Worship.

In virtually all pagan societies, the Sun-god was worshiped as the time of the summer solstice (the longest day of the year). In the old Julian Calendar, June 24 was celebrated as the summer solstice, and the counterpart to the December 25th winter solstice. Since the worship of the Sun-gods in various civilizations is a much written about subject, I’ll only mention here what I deem is important in this research regarding America.

In Babylon it was Tammuz, and in Greece it was Adonis that was “resurrected” during these Midsummer Day festivals to “rule and reign”. The most familiar dates that have been devoted to this Satanic celebration of the death and resurrection of the Sun-god, a pagan messiah, the Babylonian Savior of the World, is the old summer solstice, Midsummer’s Eve, June 23rd. The date, 1776, can be decoded to reveal the number of the New World Order (1110) and the number of the Beast (666). The Birth of America on July 4, 1776. The New World was to be the New World Order...

An event took place during the reign of Pope Gregory XIII (1572-1585) that changed the scope of the Julian calendar. During the sixteenth century, the calendar was ten days “slow”, as the Romans’ during the reign of Julius Caesar was ten days behind the sun. Under Pope Gregory’s orders, an extremely accurate calendar was constructed and the Julian calender replaced. Ten days were “skipped” in October of 1582 to realign the calendar correctly with the sun. Today, virtually the entire world abides by this calendar called the Gregorian, or Western calendar. Many non-Catholic countries did not consent for years, and England did not adopt the modern Gregorian calendar until 1752 – one hundred and seventy years later. With the old Julian calendar eleven days behind the new Gregorian calendar, it was necessary to drop the eleven days. So, in England, in 1752, September 2nd was followed the next day by September 14th.

Many people found it hard to accept that eleven days had just disappeared, so they continued to refer to holidays by the old Julian calendar by the word “old” before the holiday. The “new” date of July 4th was actually the “old” June 23rd. As a result, instead of celebrating Midsummer’s Eve on June 23, many celebrated Old Midsummer’s Eve on July 4th. Satan’s special holiday of “resurrection” and the lighting of fires to the Sun-god was transferred from the 23rd of June, to the 4th of July!

The “birthday” of the U.S., the 4th of July, 1776, is “Old Midsummer Eve, the day when the world – since ancient Egypt and Babylon – has given worship to Bel by lighting fires! Research reveals that in addition to bonfires, FIREWORKS also became a new form of celebration in Europe of Old Midsummer’s Eve (July 4th).

Mankind continued its celebration of June 24th as Satan’s holiday well beyond ancient Babylon. The Celtic Druids, who sacrificed both humans and animals in fires to Bel, lit fires on the 24th of June, Midsummer Day. In the centuries following the Druids, the lighting of huge bonfires and torches on the 23rd of June, Midsummer’s Eve, extended all throughout pagan Europe. The “Midsummer’s Eve” bonfires to Bel on June 23rd crossed the ocean and became the Fourth Of July fireworks celebrations to BEL, the “god” behind the birth of Last-Day Babylon which would usher in a New Order of the Ages with “liberty and justice for all.”

One of the symbols of the celebration of the 4th of July was the Phoenix, the fire bird that is sacred to the sun and rises from the ashes. The original Great Seal of the United States depicted a Phoenix instead of an eagle, which was emblematic of America being the “resurrection” of Babylon. The Phoenix was later changed to an eagle, the symbol of both old Babylon and old Rome. The next time you celebrate the 4th of July by viewing a local or national display of FIREWORKS, think of the roots of the celebration, and the real spirit which “birthed” this day into being.
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