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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Where did the Saudi monarchy come by a Hitler dagger? That would be from the time our close ally tried to cut a deal with Hitler to kill Jews. MORE...

The OIL Brotherhood I

As the 1932 presidential elections began, Hitler and the Nazi party were almost broke. They were desperate for funds. And then, after meeting with the captains of industry, Hitler was suddenly flush with cash.

According to Hitler's vice-Chancellor, Franz von Papen (34), "the most documented account of the National Socialists' sudden acquisition of funds was contained in a book published in Holland in 1933." It was published "by the old established Amsterdam publishing house of Van Holkema & Warendorf, called De Geldbronnen van Het Nationaal-Socialisme (Orie Gesprekken Met Hitler) under the name "Sidney Warburg."

In that book, "The Financial Sources of National Socialism" it is claimed that Hitler's rise to power was aided directly by Wall Street bankers, industrialists, and oil companies, including Standard Oil, and John O. Rockefeller, who contributed $32,000,000 between the years 1929 to 1932.

In the opening paragraphs, the author, who calls himself "Sydney Warburg" states that: "There are moments when I want to turn away from a world of such intrigue, trickery, swindling and tampering with the stock exchange .... Do you know what I can never understand? How it is possible that people of good and honest character -- for which I have ample proof -- participate in swindling and fraud, knowing full well that it will affect thousands."

The New York Times (11/24/1933), was quick to dismiss the book, but in so doing, revealed its own Nazi sympathies: "Hoax on Nazis Feared."


The New York Times. "feared" that not only the Nazis, but the publishers were "victims of a hoax."

The New York Times was apparently a fan of Hitler, for prior to 1933, and during the same time Rockefeller and Standard Oil were contributing millions of dollars, it ran several quite positive stories about Adolf Hitler in 1929, 1930, and 1931 (35) as did the Hearst publishing empire (15).

The author of this "feared hoax" was "Sydney Warburg." However. after the book's publication, not only the New York Times but the Warburg family, which included Max Warburg, a director of IG Farben in Germany, and Paul Warburg a director of American IG. Farben, denounced the book. Of course, we also know that IG. Farben was a major financial supporter of Hitler, and we know the Standard Oil and the Bush-Harriman clique were in business with IG Farben (36). S,. the Warburg denunciation cannot be taken completely seriously.

Nevertheless, James Warburg demanded that the book be destroyed because it contains "a mass of libelous material against various members of my family and against a number of prominent banking houses and individuals in New York." However, Warburg then goes on to say. "I have never to this day seen a copy of the book" (37).

Within days of the books publication. and although those who denounced it have never seen a copy it disappeared from circulation and almost all copies were quickly destroyed (36).

As detailed in Antony C. Sutton's well documented book. Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (36). the first section of the book explains that in 1929. American banks and investors were concerned that the demands by France on German war reparations, were eating into their own profits. Thus. these American business men called a meeting in June 1929 to discuss the problem and what might be done. Those in attendance included "members of the Federal Reserve Bank and leading American bankers" including the "directors of Guaranty Trust Company. the Presidents of the Federal Reserve Banks. in addition to five independent bankers, young Rockefeller. and Glean from Royal Dutch Shell. Rockefeller" and "Carter" of Guaranty Trust Company. "dominated the proceedings. The others listened and nodded their heads."

Antony Sutton, then goes on to report that according to Warburg's book, "The general consensus at the bankers' meeting was that the only way to free Germany from French financial clutches was by revolution, either Communist or German Nationalist."

Rockefeller argued that the money should go to Hitler. After some negotiation, 10 million dollars was transferred to the Nazis.

During subsequent meetings, it was explained that Hitler's storm troopers and SS, were insufficiently equipped and badly needed machine guns, revolvers, and carbines. Hitler explained that he had two plans for takeover in Germany: (a) revolution (b) legal takeover plan. Hitler is quoted as saying, "revolution costs five hundred million marks. Legal takeover costs two hundred million marks -- what will your bankers decide?"

A legal takeover thus offered the best deal.

Warburg passed these demands to Rockefeller and Guaranty Trust and received the following answer in reply:

"Suggested amounts are out of the question. We don't want to and cannot. Explain to man that such a transfer to Europe will shatter financial market. Absolutely unknown on international territory. Expect long report, before decision is made. Stay there. Continue investigation. Persuade man of impossible demands. Don't forget to include in report own opinion of possibilities for future of man."

After further negotiations, Rockefeller and the American banking and oil interests offered an additional $15 million which would help finance the legal takeover. Revolution would be too expensive and destructive.

In the months after Hitler took power, in 1933, Warburg delivered yet another payment from Rockefeller and Carter and their associates in banking, industry, and oil, i.e. 7 million dollars (37).

Although the New York Times, and the directors of IG Farben -- a company that assisted in the murder of millions of men, women, and children -- have decried this cruel "hoax" which puts the Nazis, Rockefeller, Standard Oil, and the bankers at Guaranty in such a bad light, we do know that these men and these companies were in business with the Nazis (13). And we know that Emil Helfferich, chairman of the Bush-Harriman company, Hamburg- Amerika, was also chairman of Standard Oil's German subsidiaries. Emil Helfferich frequently wrote out checks to Heinrich Himmler payable on a special Standard Oil account. According to U.S. intelligence documents reviewed by author Anthony Sutton (36). Helfferich was still making these payments to the S.S. in 1944 -- the same S.S. which was rounding up. enslaving. and supervising the mass murder of Russians. Jews. Gypsies, Poles, etc., at IG Farben's death camps.
Image taken from - The Muslim Nazi Connection - CLICK HERE TO READ THE BLOG.

The OIL Brotherhood II

From 1927 to 1941, the future director of the CIA, Allen Dulles worked as lawyer and international finance specialist for Sullivan & Cromwell, a Wall Street law firm in New York. Dulles performed work for Bush, Harriman, and Rockefeller in setting up business relationships with the Nazis and with top Nazi industrialists, and served as legal counsel for Standard Oil and the Nazi's IG Farben, who had partnered with the Rockefellers (43).

Allen Dulles played a pivotal role in promoting U.S.-Nazi corporate relations. The Nazis considered Allen Dulles to be "the most influential White House man in Europe" and Dulles had numerous meetings with top ranking members of the SS (6).

In fact both Dulles brothers (John Foster, later Secretary of State, and Allen, later director of the CIA) represented the interests of Bush, Harriman, Rockefeller, and other Nazi collaborators prior tom during and after the ending of the second world war. Whereas Allen served as a spymaster. lawyer and deal maker who brought over a thousand high ranking Nazis into the CIA and found jobs for them in the Republican party and corporate America (43.44), John Foster Dulles was on the board of IG Farben who had partnered with Standard Oil (43).

As was the case with Guaranty Trust, which provided loans to the Nazis and to the Soviet Union, Rockefeller's Standard Oil was also in business with Hitler's nemesis: the Soviet Union. By doing business with both fascist regimes. this guaranteed that regardless of who won the war. Standard Oil would profit. The Dulles' brothers are said to have played a major role in ironing out the Soviet deal.

In 1938, oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia. The king of Saudi Arabia. Ibn Saud, was a supporter of Adolf Hitler. Dulles. acting as a representative of Standard Oil (as well as IG Farben) also played a major role in negotiating and gaining major concessions from Ibn Saud.

As Saudi Prince Bandar explained to PBS Frontline (45): "America has never been a colonizing power as far as we were concerned. Our relationship with America ... started in the 1930s. And when the Americans came to Saudi Arabia. they didn't come as an invader. They came actually as a private sector. trying to help us find oil. They found the oil for us. and they've been our friends ever since."

The result of these discoveries and negotiations was a joint venture between Standard Oil, Texaco. and Mobil. and the formation of the Arabian-American Oil Company (ARAMCO). King Ibn Saud and his family were promised millions in return. whereas the Arabian people received basically nothing (46).

By 1944. Standard Oil had twice artificially created oil shortages as a means of gaining leverage over the U.S. government. Based on the discoveries made in Saudi Arabia, the Standard oil-led cartel successfully lobbied the U.S. Senate. which in turn proposed that the U.S. government should finance the construction of oil pipelines and oil refineries so as to meet future energy needs. With the assistance of the Dulles brothers. this proposal soon became a program to assist Standard oil and ARAMCO in the Persian Gulf.

In February and March of 1944, the "Special Committee Investigating Petroleum Resources" began hammering out the details. As summarized by the United States National Archives: "18.94 In February 1944, the Petroleum Administrator for War, Secretary of Interior Harold Ickes, announced that the Arabian-American Oil Co. would construct a refinery to produce petroleum war products for the Allied Nations, and that the U.S. Government would construct a petroleum pipeline from the Persian Gulf area to the eastern shore of the Mediterranean and would obtain a crude oil petroleum reserve of one billion barrels in the Gulf area." Because of interests pertaining to "national welfare and security" this Special Committee also agreed to "the disposal of Government-owned pipelines and refineries as surplus properties, tidelands oil, and other issues related to petroleum supplies."

In other words, after twice being held hostage by Standard Oil, the U.S. government agreed to give "Government-owned pipelines and refineries" to this Standard oil-led cartel, and to fund the creation of new pipelines and refineries in Saudi Arabia.

The U.S. government and the oil cartel headed by Standard Oil, were now in business with the "royal family" of Ibn Saud. Saud and his family began receiving millions of dollars in payments as their reward for selling out so cheaply (46).

Roosevelt, it is said, had been considering bringing charges of treason against Dulles, Bush, and Rockefeller following the conclusion of the second world war. However, Roosevelt's death put a stop to that. Not only did these traitors get off scott free, but the Dulles brothers also received handsome rewards, Allen becoming the first director the CIA, and John, the Secretary of State.

Nevertheless, although faded by time, and despite the purposeful destruction of incriminating records, the facts remain the same: Prescott Bush, the Harrimans, Rockefellers, the Dulles brothers, and Ibn Saud, had partnered with a terrorist Nazi regime at war with the United States. The Saudi royal family, the Bush family, the Harrimans, Rockefellers, American banks. American Oil, and America's political elite, went into business with Nazi terrorists who murdered tens of millions of innocent, men, women, and children, including tens of thousands of Americans. They partnered with a terrorist regime that was at war with America for three interrelated reasons: money, oil, and power.

Decades later, after Bush was elected vice-president and then President, he, the Saudi royal family, and the CIA, would provide tens of millions of dollars in support of yet another terrorist organization that would declare war with the United States, this one ostensibly headed by Saudi multi-millionaire, Osama bin Laden.

As we shall see. doing business with gangsters, thugs, and terrorists who preach death to America, and who kill Americans, is a Bush family tradition (4,47).

(EXTRACTED FROM THE Online BOOK entitled AMERICA BETRAYED: BUSH, BIN LADEN & 9-11, Chapter 3: THE BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH. You can read the whole book from this website --> PLS CLICK HERE.

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"Bermen heard from Skorzeny that he had personally suffocated Nikola Tesla on January 6, 1943, assisted by fellow-Nazi Reinhard Gehlen. Tesla was then 86 years old.
According to Skorzeny, he and Gehlen had tricked Tesla the previous day into revealing the full details of his most important discoveries. After the murder, they stole the contents of Tesla’s safe, which were delivered to Hitler. (Note, of course, that the US military would have fully repatriated this treasure trove of innovation through Project Paperclip at the end of the war.)

In its entire history, the EPA has not found one single innovation to be effective at increasing fuel efficiency. After thousands (or tens of thousands) of inventions being tested by their protocols, not one has received their vote of approval.  Thousands of inventions proved false? Doesn't this strike you as odd?......An unknown number of solutions have been created to solve our world's problems, and the respected authorities, through application of faulty and inadequate testing methods, shove them (and their solutions) into obscurity.  If they were to agree to adding to the protocols, it would prove conclusively the fraud that has been perpetrated on every fuel-efficiency developer since the mid-70's that has submitted their devices for validation.

The question in the minds of representatives in Washington, DC would have been, “Why should the taxpayers finance the construction of giant reactors to experiment with hot fusion reactions that produce nuclear waste and lethal amounts of radioactivity, when cold fusion research only requires a small fraction of the funding, while producing no waste and little radioactivity?”.....Everyone involved has blood on their hands from all the people on this planet that have died due to the suppression of this technology.  Literally, due to their suppression of cold fusion, children have needlessly starved, millions have suffered dehydration due to a lack of clean water, the environment has been trashed, and the global economy has been almost destroyed.
.....There were enemies of mankind in 1989 that wanted to prevent the proliferation of cold fusion, and there are still such enemies today. Reading about how cold fusion research was attacked from the very start can help us prepare for attacks from these in the future. We cannot let greedy, selfish, and power-hungry monsters and their countless minions suppress cold fusion for another twenty years or more. There are too many lives at risk. Simply put, the future of our civilization is at stake.

Free Energy is real, but "powerful people" spend a lot of money covering this up and suppressing new technologies, it is not a theory, it is a reality.  I have been looking for free energy technologies for a while now, there are many scams out there, but a few concepts stood out from the rest. I have verified and spoken to several witnesses to some of these technologies. i have decided to help the world know the truth by spreading the word about these very amazing devices. In the link below i have information on the working devices. "" I hope you take advantage of these and stop paying the OIL goons  for energy you could receive for FREE." (Extracted from Free or cheap Energy & Transport conspiracy )

YOUTUBE VID: Who Killed The Electric Car? (Documentary)

"The big oil companies and their political allies may hate the very idea of the electric car, but writer-director Chris Paine remains an unabashed fan of the technology. His informative and entertaining documentary, which makes an explicit link between carbon dioxide emissions and global warming, traces the evolution and eventual marketplace failure of the innovative vehicle. Laying the blame at the feet of General Motors (which eventually reclaimed the first models leased to consumers and crushed and buried them in the Nevada desert), apathetic politicians, and an unrepentant oil industry, Paine also gives voice to the car’s staunch defenders, Mel Gibson among them. He may have a clearly defined axe to grind but, in this war-ravaged and environmentally distressed day and age, Paine’s passion is worth attending to. Filmmaker Chris Payne explores the many factors that played into the ultimate failure of the electric car to catch on with consumers, even as gas prices began to skyrocket, in a thoughtful meditation on the increasingly important role that renewable energy plays in modern society. Introduced as a means of providing an alternative to increasing oil consumption and reducing pollution in 1996, the electric car was all but a forgotten memory only a decade later - but why?" - Top Documentary

Of all the secrets being protected by the government on behalf of the coercive-monopolists who control it, none is more important that the flying saucer electrodynamic propulsion technology of Nikola Tesla, which is why there is still such a big hullabaloo over it, over 56 years after the U.S. government acquired it from Nazi Germany. .....My agenda is out in the open: To encourage people to realize that UFO technology exists; that it is free-energy technology; that it is exclusively man-made technology (not of alien origin), which humans were capable of constructing with existing technology at least ninety years ago; that it is ours because we paid for it; that we can build our own ships, using relatively simple technology; that there are many other free-energy technologies; that we can stick together and demand the right to use this technology, since the government has no legitimate right to conceal it, or to withhold it from us, or to prevent us from using it; and that the U.S. constitution required them to disclose the technology to us long ago. Occult Science Dictatorship: The Official State Science Religion and How to Get Excommunicated by William Lyne


The Saudis received investments and military protection in exchange for cooperation on lucrative oil deals. The Satanic, sex-obsessed, alcohol-drinking gang of vicious hypocrites, better known as the House of Saud.Have you seen these people? Wanted for mass murder and gross hypocrisy. MORE..CLICK HERE.

SAUDI Arabia was established with the help of a British Jesuit spy!!

The original founder of the Saudi dynasty was a Bedouin Emir named Muhammad ibn Saud (circa 1748- 1765).

In 1744, Muhammad ibn Saud's son, Abdul Aziz, married the daughter of Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab (1703-1792):

Here in Dariya, Al-Wahhab won the support of the local chief, Muhammad ibn Saud, leader of a sub-branch of the powerful Aneiza tribe and already admired for his abilities as a warrior.

Muhammad ibn Saud became not only a convert to Wahhabism but, by marrying his eldest son Abd Al-Aziz ibn Saud to Al-Wahhab's daughter, became the founding father of the Saudi-Wahhabi dynasty—the future rulers of Saudi Arabia. (Allen, God's Terrorists, The Wahhabi Cult and the Hidden Roots of Modern Jihad, p. 52).

This marriage alliance of Emir Abdul Aziz ibn Saud with Imam Abdul Wahhab created an alliance between political and religious Wahhabi Islam . . . and remains the basis of the Saudi dynasty to this very day.

Abdul Aziz ibn Saud (1876-1953). Caliph from 1932 to 1953
Emir Abdul Aziz ibn Saud was the founder of SAUDI Arabia. His great-grandmother was the daughter of Imam Abdul Wahhab—a Jesuit in disguise—who took the Koran literally and advocated killing all the "Bad" Muslims.

Harry St. John Bridger Philby. (1885-1960).

This "revival" of Islam came at the very time when Pope Clement XIV permanently abolished the Jesuits!!

Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul WAHHAB preached a fire and brimstone "if you do not fight for Islam, Allah will punish you sternly" message:

In the middle of the eighteenth century, an itinerant Muslim preacher, began crisscrossing the northern reaches of the peninsula and the Fertile Crescent, from Mecca and Medina to the al-Hasa Oasis in the east to Basra, Baghdad, and Damascus. Mohammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, born in 1703, was not a city dweller, and he didn't bother with the kind of learning that occurred in the Arab world's intellectual centers. Spreading the Islamic version of fire and brimstone, Abdul Wahhab thundered that the Muslims needed to purge themselves of everything that had been learned since the days of the Prophet a thousand years before. It was a revivalist movement in the classic sense, with eager followers packing tents thrown up by Abdul Wahhab's organizers.
Abdul Wahhab's most important convert was the founder of the Al Saud dynasty, Mohammed ibn Saud. Ibn Saud apparently saw himself as an eighteenth-century version of the Prophet Mohammed, conquering lands for Islam and imposing his faith on the conquered. To reinforce their message, Abdul Wahhab, Ibn Saud, and their followers had the unfortunate habit of slaughtering anyone who disagreed with them and demolishing their cities, their mosques, and their shrines.
From 1927 to 1932 Ibn Saud continued to consolidate power throughout the Arabian Peninsula. In March 1929 he defeated elements of the Ikhwan, which had disobeyed his orders to cease raiding and had invaded Iraq against his wishes, at the Battle of Sbilla. In 1932, having conquered most of the Peninsula, Ibn Saud renamed his dominions "Saudi Arabia" and proclaimed himself "King of Saudi Arabia."(Dreyfuss, Devil's Game, p. 36).

Philby (top row second from right) with the future Saudi King Feisal in 1919.

Harry Philby (father of the notorious spy Kim Philby) was another British Jesuit secret service agent like Haji Williamson.

Harry Philby a.k.a. Sheikh Abdullah was a British Jesuit spy, convert to Islam, and liaison to the new Saudi Caliph of Arabia.

In this picture, Philby can be seen on the steps of St. Aldro's boarding school with his son Kim Philby and the future King Feisal.

Philby with Aramco lawyer Lloyd N. Hamilton
 negotiating Saudi oil concessions.

Even though Saudi Arabia was MADE IN ENGLAND, the Rockefeller owned Aramco was given the major oil concessions . . . thanks to Philby and friends!!

While representing the top echelon of the British government, Philby negotiated with the Saudis to grant Rockefeller the major oil concessions!

Abdul Aziz ibn Saud in 1943.

These 2 men: one a British Jesuit spy, and an Arab sheikh, created Saudi Arabia dominated by the fanatical Wahhabi sect of Islam.

Harry Philby in 1945

It's back to the Dark Ages with this cult because Wahhabism accepts nothing that was added to Islam after the 7th century.

Rosary beads and minarets are also banned in this so-called "reformed" Islam!!

In Wahhabi Arabia, electricity, the motor car, airplanes, telephones etc., etc., were seen as a NECESSARY EVIL in order to get the oil out of the ground!

The Yom Kippur or Ramadan War quadrupled the price of oil!!

In October 1973, Syria and Egypt launched a surprise attack on the Khazar state. The Khazars call it the Yom Kippur War and the Muslims call it the Ramadan War.

Egyptians soldiers crossing the Suez Canal.

Destroyed Syrian tanks.
Russia supported Egypt and Syria while the Pentagon supported the Khazar state.

The war almost led to a showdown between the United States and Russia.

After the war, OPEC quadrupled the price of oil. It went from 3 dollars to 12 dollars a barrel. It was the best thing that ever happened to radical Islam:

In the 1970s, political Islam was bolstered by the explosion of a parallel force: economic Islam. Part of the vast wealth pouring into the Arab oil-exporting countries found its way into a network of banks and investment companies controlled by the Islamic right and the Muslim Brotherhood. In country after country, these Islamic banks did much more than serve as money-changers. Sometimes openly, sometimes secretly, they supported sympathetic politicians and army officers and funded activists and political parties, Islamist run media companies, and businesses controlled by the Brotherhood. From 1974 onward, the Islamic banking system served as the financial backbone for the Islamic right.

And throughout it all, the Islamic banking system—which went from zero to global powerhouse in the two decades after 1974 depended heavily on the advice and technological assistance it received from a host of American and European institutions, including such major banks as Citibank.
To Western bank executives, International Monetary Fund officials, and free-market ideologues, the Islamic banks seemed ideal. The Islamic right had long made clear that it preferred capitalism to atheistic communism. None of the important Islamist movements, from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to Pakistan's Islamic Group to the Shiite fundamentalists in Iraq, preached social and economic justice. Instead, they opposed state ownership, land reform, and social welfare programs. (Dreyfuss, Devil's Game, pp. 168-169).

U.S. crude oil prices since 1859.

The vast influx of petrodollars enabled Saudi Arabia to buy politicians, TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, universities, publishing houses, sports teams, churches, seminaries, etc., etc.

U.S. gasoline prices since 1947.

With the FALSE PROFITS of billions of petrodollars, Saudi Arabia was able to buy politicians, TV stations, universities, newspapers, radio stations, publishing houses, sports teams, churches etc., etc., and the Caliphate became the center of Wahhabism or radical Islam. (Extracted from Good Muslims VS Bad Muslims - Click Here to read the whole article.

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Ignatius of Loyola first Superior General of the Jesuit Order´s Red Standard
This Church of the Gesu altarpiece by Jesuit artist Andrea Pozzo, S.J. (1642-1709), featuring Ignatius Loyola with his Red Standard, and reported by an article in the June 14, 2008 New York Times, was effectively buried about 1908, shortly prior to the rise of various 20th century political movements employing this Standard of a Red Flag.
YouTube Vid: Communism: Another creation of the Jesuit Order. This is the testimony of an Ex-Jesuit Priest

The Jesuit Roots of Socialism and Communism
This article is a Repost from posted under 
Atheism and Jesuits by olivianus on Wednesday, Jan 18 2012  12:44 am

In the 17th and 18th centuries the order of the Jesuits began a system of missionary work called “Reductions” in order to catholicize native peoples in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and America. These were the beginning of communist and socialist ideas of human society that dominated the 20th century and now have our country by the throat.  The following is taken from the book The Footprints of the Jesuits, by R.W. Thompson (New York: Hunt & Eaton, 1894) pg. 173-177

Loyola´s Red Flag (which interestingly enough was buried in 1908 just before the start of Socialist movements) closely resemble the flags of Socialist movements:
“The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.  See this sword?  The Prince of Darkness [Satan] sold it to me.” -Karl Marx, "Oulanem" (a satanic play written by Marx) Oulanem is an inversion and a Blasphemy to Emmanuel (Which means "God is with Us") one of the names of our Lord, Jesus Christ.   The Sword which Marx refers to is Das Kapital,  the Communist Manifesto, and the doctrine of Proletarian Revolution. The Communist Bibles.

"And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword."
-Rev 6:3-4

“The Government established by them in Paraguay was essentially monarchical. It could not have been otherwise* under the principles of their constitution. Under the false name of a Christian republic, it was, to all intents and purposes, a theocratic State, so constructed as to free it from all European influences except such as emanated from their superior at Rome. All the intercourse they had with the Church and the pope was through him, and whatsoever commands he gave were uninquiringly obeyed by them, without stopping to investigate or concerning themselves in the least to know whether the Church and the pope approved or disapproved them. In order to impress the natives with the idea of their independence and of their superiority over the monastic orders and the Church ecclesiastics, they practiced the most artful means to persuade them to hold no intercourse with either Spaniards or Portuguese, upon the ground that they could not do so without encountering the example of their vices and immoralities. The unsuspecting Indians were easily seduced by acts of kindness, and the result was that, in the course of a brief period, they succeeded in establishing a number of what were called Reductions — or, more properly speaking, villages with multitudes of Indians assembled about them; [The modern day commune-DS] the whole aggregating, in the end, several hundred thousand. These constituted the Jesuit State, and were all, by the mere ceremony of baptism, brought under Jesuit dominion. At each Reduction the natives were allowed to select a secular magistracy, with limited and unimportant powers over such temporal affairs as could be intrusted to them without impairing the theocratic feature of the Government. But in order to provide against the possibility of permitting even these few temporal affairs from being conducted independently of them, they adopted the precaution of providing that, before any important decisions were carried into effect, they should obtain their sanction as ”spiritual shepherds.” There never was anywhere a more thorough and complete blending of Church and State together.

Although this new State was established under the pretense that it was necessary to protect the natives against the bad influences of the Spaniards and the Portuguese, the approval of it by the King of Spain, Philip III, was obtained by the promise that  every adult must pay him the tribute of one dollar” a consideration of chief importance with him.

Philip IV was equally disposed to favor the Jesuits, presumably for the want of proper information; for it would have required but little investigation at that time to have discovered that the only motive of the Jesuits for securing royal approbation in Europe was that they might ultimately acquire power to plot against European royalty itself when it should stand in the way of their ambition. To show how little obedience was paid to the public authorities of either Spain or Portugal, it is only necessary to observe that each Reduction was governed by a Jesuit father, supported by a yicar and a curate as assistants but whose chief duty was espionage.

This governing father was under the orders of a superior, who presided over a diocese of five or six parishes, the supervision and management of the whole being lodged in the hands of a provincial, who ”received his orders direct from the general in Rome.” If, therefore, the kings of Spain and Portugal supposed that the Jesuits in Portugal intended to pay fidelity to them, or to either of them, they were deceived as, in the course of events, they discovered. They obeyed their general in Rome, and him alone.

The praise ought not to be withheld from the Jesuits, that the natives who were thus brought under their influences were better and more kindly treated than those who were compelled to submit to the dominion of Spaniards and Portuguese beyond the limits of Paraguay. They ”par- took of their labors, of their amusements, of their joys, of their sorrows. They visited daily every house in which lay a sick person, whom they served as the kindest nurse, and to whom they seemed to be ministering genii.” By these and other kindnesses they brought the Indians to look upon them with a feeling bordering upon idolatry. But whilst they were friends, they were also sovereigns, and “governed with absolute and unquestioned authority.” This was a necessary and indispensable part of their system of government, which embodied the Jesuit idea of a Christian republic. [The same fascistic type of Republic that flies for Christianity today. Romanism and more specifically Jesuitism is Militant Christianity come into it own-DS] It was in everything pertaining to the management of public affairs an absolute monarchy, with all its powers centered in the general at Rome, whose authority was accepted as equal to that of God, and to whose command obedience was exacted from all.

Apart from this governing authority, universal equality prevailed. The principles of socialism or communism very much as now understood governed all the Reductions.

Everything necessary to the material comfort and prosperity of the Indians was in common. Each family had a portion of land set apart for cultivation. They also learned trades, and many of them, both men and women, became experts.

But the earnings of the whole were deposited in common storehouses at each Reduction, and distributed by the Jesuits in such portions to each individual as necessity required. [Exactly like our Federal Reserve bank through the income tax-DS] ‘Even meat was portioned from the public slaughter-houses in the same way.’ The surplus produce remaining after these distributions was sent to Europe, and sold or exchanged for wares and merchandise, solely at the discretion of the ‘Jesuits. Everything was conducted in obedience to them, and nothing contrary to their orders was tolerated. Rigid rules of conduct and hours of labor were prescribed, and the violators of them were subject to corporal punishment.

Houses of worship, colleges, and palatial residences for the Jesuit fathers, were built by the common labor and at the expense of the common treasury. Suffrage was universal; but the sanction of the Jesuits was necessary to the validity of the election. In fact, says Nicolini, “the Jesuits substituted themselves for the State or community”‘ — a fact which fully establishes the monarchical and theocratic character of the Government.
Jesuit Trained Vladimir Lenin

In order to teach the confiding Indians that obedience to authority was their chiefest duty, they were subjected to rules of conduct and intercourse which were enforced with the strictest severity. They were watched in everything, the searching eyes of the Jesuits being continually upon them. They constituted, in fact, a state of society reaching the Jesuit ideal completely; [Just like our contemporary Police State and the Patriot Act-DS] that is, docile, tractable, submissive, obedient, without the least real semblance of manhood. Having thus completed their subjugation, energetic measures were adopted to render any change in their condition impossible. For this purpose care was taken to exclude all other than Jesuit influences, and to sow the seeds of disaffection towards everything European, the object being to surround them with a high wall of ignorance and superstition, which no European influences could overleap, and within which their authority would be unbounded. They were instructed that the Spaniards and the Portuguese were their enemies, that the ecclesiastics and monkish missionaries sent over by the Church were unworthy of obedience or imitation, and that the only true religion was that which emanated from their society and had their approval. If these simple-minded people were taught anything about the Church, it was with the view of convincing them that the Jesuits represented all its power, authority, and virtue, and that whatsoever did not conform to their teachings was sinful and heretical. If they were told anything about the pope, it was to represent him as inferior to their general, who was to be regarded by them as the only infallible representative of God upon earth. That all other ideas should be excluded from their minds, they were not permitted to hold any intercourse Whatsoever with Europeans; for fear, undoubtedly, they might hear that there was a Church at Rome, and a pope higher than their general. They were not allowed to speak any language but their own, so as to render it impossible to acquire any ideas or opinions except such as could be expressed by means of its limited number of inexpressive words; that is, to keep them entirely and exclusively under Jesuit influences. To sum up the whole, without further detail, the Indians were regarded as minors under guardianship, and in this condition they remained for one hundred and fifty years, without the possibility of social and national development.”

I suggest to the reader to also study Roman Catholic Sir Thomas More’s Utopia and its influence on Marxist philosophy. Marxist Karl Kautsky argued in his book Thomas More and his Utopia that More’s work was an  early development of socialist ideas. Even the New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia admits in its article “Reductions of Paraguay”,

“(1) Conditions of Property

The economic basis was a sort of communism…The land and all that stood upon it was the property of the community. The land was apportioned among the caciques,who allotted it to the families under them. Agricultural instruments and draught-cattle were loaned from the common supply. No one was permitted to sell his plot of land or his house, called abamba, i.e. “own possession.” The individualefforts of the Indians, owing to their indolence, soon proved to be inadequate, whereupon separate plots were set aside as common fields, called Tupamba, i.e. “God’s property” which were cultivated by common labour under the guidance of the Padres. The products of these fields were placed in the common storehouse, and were used partly for the support of the poor, the sick, widows, orphans,Church Indians, etc., partly as seed for the next year, partly as reserve supply for unforeseen contingencies, and also as a medium of exchange for European goods and for taxes (see below). The yield of the private fields and of private effort became the absolute property of the Indians, and was credited to them individually in the common barter transactions, so that each received in exchange the goods he desired. Those abamba plots which gave a smaller yield because of faulty individual management were exchanged from time to time. The herds of livestock were also common property. The caballos del Santo, which were used in processions on festal occasions, were especially reserved. Thus the Reduction Los Santos Apostoles at one time owned 599 of these.”

Reader do you not see the clear foundation of the Jesuit Communism being the inspiration of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto?

I also suggest to the reader, to watch the movie The Mission. It is an account of the South American Jesuit Reductions.

Images with captions are taken and extracted from Mystery Babylon Watch website.

Marxism and Palestine. - Communism in the Middle East?


Wake up world and see the carnage
Sunday 20th July marked a day of action in Bolivia, as demonstrators took to the streets in three cities across the country to show their support for Palestine following the recent escalation of violence in Gaza. Residents of Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and La Paz joined the global call for an end to the spiralling conflict. In La Paz, where the county’s government sits, over one hundred and fifty people assembled to give speeches, chant and march through the city.

Palestine, friend, Bolivia is with you
Initially numbers were sparse, and one woman offered by way of explanation that people in La Paz tend to be indifferent to international protest. Another woman added that due to the nuances and delicacy of the situation in Gaza, her friends hadn’t wanted to attend because ‘no one’s sure what’s exactly going on’. Greater use of social media could have contributed to numbers.

No a la Guerra, sí a La Paz
The morning started with chanting in Plaza Abaroa which rallied support from passersby and numbers swiftly grew. A member of Juventud Arabe Bolivia, the protests’ organisers, made speeches to the local media outlining the injustice of Israel’s invasion into Palestinian territory, and the injustice of the forced eviction of families from their homes. After one hour, the assembled crowd marched to the US Embassy where they stood outside the front gates and chanted, with one man shouting ‘Yankee accomplices’. They returned to Plaza Abaroa and disbanded.

It’s not war, it’s genocide
Around one third of the protestors represented La Paz’s Islamic community, and emphasised the need to support their relatives and friends in Palestine. Equally, those without such concrete connections insisted on the obligation to react to blatant injustice. One young woman commented that the protest was not a question of religion, but of humanity. A group of medical students underlined their message that healthcare must be supported by peace, and called for young people to join the campaign. Two prominent ideas that emerged from everyone in attendance were firstly the need to support ordinary people in both Palestine and Israel, as it is they who are bearing the cost of this conflict despite it not being in anyone’s interest except that of the people in power, and secondly the outrage at the number of children killed so far during the conflict, all on the Palestinian side.

by Lulu Shooter - La Paz, Bolivia
For analysis of the conflict in Gaza see

POPE FRANCIS I and Liberation Theology

“Washington’s Pope”? Who is Pope Francis I? By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, May 28, 2014

This article was first published in March 2013 following the election by the Vatican Conclave of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

In the course of the last year, Pope Francis has been portrayed in chorus by the Western media as a left leaning champion of “Liberation Theology” committed to global poverty alleviation. According to London’s Telegraph, Pope Francis “is bringing Liberation Theology into the Vatican”.  in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi, the ‘preferential option for the poor’ has so to speak been reintegrated into the Catholic mainstream under the helm of Pope Francis I.

Liberation Theology according to Ambrose Evans Pritchard writing in the Telegraph: 

“now has a Papal imprimatur. It is close to becoming official doctrine for the world’s 1.2bn Roman Catholics under ‘Evangelii Gaudium’, the Pope’s first apostolic exhortation. This will have consequences.”. (emphasis added)

What the Western media fail to mention is that Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis I) was one of the main supporters –within the Catholic hierarchy– of Argentina’s military dictatorship which came to power in a CIA supported coup in 1976.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio not only supported the dictatorship, he also played a direct and complicit role in the “Dirty War” (la guerra sucia”) in liaison with the military Junta headed by General Jorge Videla, leading to the arrest, imprisonment, torture and disappearance of progressive Catholic priests and laymen who were opposed to Argentina’s military rule. “While the two priests Francisco Jalics y Orlando Yorio, kidnapped by the death squads in May 1976 were released five months later. after having been tortured, six other people associated with their parish kidnapped as part of the same operation were “disappeared” (desaparecidos).”

Liberation Theology has become a convenient tool of media propaganda: the protagonists of oppression are portrayed as liberators. Pope Francis I, heralded as the champion of Liberation in Latin America is now bringing his message to Palestine: According to Naim Ateek, the founder of Liberation Theology in Palestine, quoted in TIME, “We feel he has been able to speak about the poor in Latin America,… Now we would like to see him speak about the oppressed in Palestine.”

At a historic meeting at the Vatican in early May 2014 with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Pope Francis I  urged world leaders to challenge “all forms of injustice” and resist the “economy of exclusion… the throwaway culture, … and the “culture of death,” [which] … sadly risk becoming passively accepted.” (National Catholic Reporter, May 26, 2014.

Careful choice of words by Pope Francis: The “dirty war” in Latin America under Operation Condor in which he participated was predicated on the “Culture of Death”. The 1976 military coup was supported by Wall Street precisely with a view to imposing “the economy of exclusion”, conducive to the impoverishment of the Argentinian population. 

Michel Chossudovsky, May 28, 2013
Source: Global Research

Read more about POPE FRANCIS I and  Argentina’s “Dirty War” - PLS CLICK HERE.

“Operation Condor” Ironically, a major trial opened up in Buenos Aires on March 5, 2013 a week prior to Cardinal Bergoglio’s investiture as Pontiff. The ongoing trial in Buenos Aires is: “to consider the totality of crimes carried out under Operation Condor, a coordinated campaign by various US-backed Latin American dictatorships in the 1970s and 1980s to hunt down, torture and murder tens of thousands of opponents of those regimes.”

Romanism and Marxism.

Pope Rehabilitates Marxist Priest by Cliff Kincaid  —  Posted on August 4, 2014
An advocate of Marxist-oriented “liberation theology” and recipient of a Lenin Peace Prize has returned to his duties as a priest in the Roman Catholic Church, after a 29-year suspension.

Miguel D’Escoto, who served as President of the U.N. General Assembly from September 2008 until September 2009, had been suspended from his priestly functions by the anti-communist Pope John Paul II in 1985. D’Escoto had joined the communist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua as foreign minister, after which the Soviets recognized his service by giving him the International Lenin Peace Prize.

His reinstatement is another sign of the leftward drift of the papacy of Pope Francis, a worldwide media favorite, who recently said, “I can only say that the communists have stolen our flag,” because the Marxists claim to be concerned about the poor.

In a “Dear Brother President Barack Obama” letter, dated August 25, 2013, D’Escoto declared that U.S. foreign policy was being guided by Satan and constituted “terrorist, murderous and genocidal U.S. imperialism.” He urged Obama to have “the courage to acknowledge also that capitalism is, in fact, the most un-Christian doctrine and practice ever devised by man to keep us separate and unequal in a kind of global apartheid.”

An August 1 statement on his complete reintegration into the Roman Catholic Church, carried by Christian News Wire, said, “The Holy Father has given His benevolent assent that Father Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann be absolved from the canonical censure inflicted upon him, and entrusts him to the Superior General of the Institute [Maryknoll] for the purpose of accompanying him in the process of reintegration into the Ministerial Priesthood.”

This controversial decision, which is certain to anger conservative Catholics, means that the pope has given a stamp of approval to D’Escoto resuming his priestly duties, including celebrating Mass and providing communion with Christ.

Mike Virgintino, communications manager at The Maryknoll Society, confirmed to Accuracy in Media that the ruling means that Pope Francis personally approved the return of D’Escoto to the priesthood. He said D’Escoto had approached the Vatican directly.

D’Escoto graduated with a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of Journalism in 1962. He was born in 1933 in Los Angeles, California.

D’Escoto emerged as not only a strong critic of U.S. foreign policy, but is outspokenly critical of Israel’s role in the Middle East. He became a favorite of the Al Jazeera propaganda channel for urging the expulsion of Israel from the U.N.

In January 2009, Al Jazeera highlighted his accusation that Israel was guilty of “genocide” against Palestinians.

One senior UN official said, “I cannot remember any Assembly president so publicly vocal in denouncing Israel.”

The decision to bring D’Escoto back into good standing in the Roman Catholic Church sends a strong message worldwide about the direction of the papacy, but it has received surprisingly little media attention so far.

In March, the Pew Research Journalism Project reported that “One year into Francis’ papacy, an analysis by the Pew Research Center finds that the former Jesuit archbishop—who was named Time’s Person of the Year—ranked among the top global newsmakers in major U.S.-based digital news outlets.”

In recent months the pope has used his popularity and media notoriety to criticize capitalism, make overtures to Islam and entertain Russia’s Vladimir Putin at the Vatican.

Jeanine Pirro, host of the Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” recently criticized Pope Francis for “failing to take action on behalf of Christians in the Middle East.” She said, “I’m a Christian. I’m a Catholic…I mean no disrespect but it is time for the papacy, and Pope Francis in particular, to start protecting his Christian flock.”

Despite communism’s record of atheism and persecution of Christians, D’Escoto’s service to various communist causes goes back decades.

The website of “World Citizens for Peace” reports that after the death of former President Ronald Reagan in 2004, D’Escoto told Pacifica Radio that he prayed that God forgive Reagan “for having been the butcher of my people, for having been responsible for the deaths of some 50,000 Nicaraguans…crimes he committed in the name of what he falsely labeled freedom and democracy.”

In fact, Reagan supported Nicaraguan freedom fighters trying to bring democracy to the country. These efforts resulted in free elections deposing the Sandinistas from power.

D’Escoto is also a supporter of the “green” movement. As we reported in 2009, he gave a speech as president of the U.N. General Assembly in which he declared that “There is a growing awareness that we are all sons and daughters of Earth and that we belong to her.” He urged “a planetary civilization” that is “more respectful of Mother Earth, more inclusive of all people and with more solidarity with the poorest, which is more spiritual and full of reverence for the splendor of the universe and which is much happier.”

The official press release about the lifting of the suspension mentioned that D’Escoto had once served as an official with the World Council of Churches (WCC). Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, who worked on KGB operations as head of Romanian intelligence, described the WCC as a Kremlin pawn infiltrated by the KGB.

The communist-dominated religious body was the subject of a January 23, 1983, CBS “60 Minutes” broadcast entitled, “The Gospel According to Whom?” As AIM noted at the time, the program exposed the Marxist orientation of the WCC and even its funding of terrorists.

Despite being banned from priestly functions, D’Escoto has remained a member of the Maryknoll Society, with residence in Nicaragua.

The Sandinistas have returned to power in Nicaragua, with President Daniel Ortega having met on July 12 with Vladimir Putin, after the Russian leader decided to make a “surprise visit” to the Central American country. Ortega said, “It is like a ray of light, like a flash of lightning. This is the first time a Russian president has visited Nicaragua.”

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