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Saturday, February 17, 2018

ANTICHRIST, THE SMOKE OF ROME, A Dynasty and a Man by: Reginald Jacob Block


Antichrist Part 1 - Antichrist doctrine from a biblical and historic perspective.

 ANTICHRIST, THE SMOKE OF ROME, A Dynasty and a Man -by: Reginald Jacob Block
Today’s Protestant and Baptist churches are marching headlong back to Rome. Most have embraced the ecumenical movement and readily yoke themselves with anyone who identifies with Christ. Because churches no longer teach the historic doctrine of antichrist, most Christians are unaware that the early church up until the late 1800s, without hesitation, identified the Roman Catholic Church and the papacy from its inception onward as antichrist and the antichrist. They agreed that both scripture and history supported their claim. This book proves conclusively that the historic doctrine of antichrist is correct. - Available HERE.

Antichrist Part 2 The Reformers - Introduction to the Reformers' doctrine of antichrist.

Antichrist Part 3, The Reformers - This video features quotes from Reformers, and their interpretations of various relevant scriptures. They all concluded that antichrist of scripture was the papacy.

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