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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

JEZEBEL SPIRIT is the spirit of the Anti-Christ!

Jezebel Spirit is the force behind most Satanic attack to God's people. It will weaken your relationship to God and will seduce you to love the world. You will become fleshly and materialism you will love. The love of money and the things of this world! 

The world today which is ruled by a False Religious Empire who deceives many and make men bow and worship idols is one of the major agent who is being inhabited by Jezebel spirit. Beware of the Illuminati Jesuits, they are the most evil men who are used by this spirit. The Jezebel's spirit!

The JEZEBEL SPIRIT and her satanic agenda in 2017 is like no year we have ever seen before. The end times are here and the devil, the antichrist spirit, and illuminati are deceiving men and women all over the world through the use of this demonic spirit, witchcraft and the media. With fashion week in New York happening now, many people are being manipulated by this nasty wicked spirit of lust and seduction!

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