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Monday, February 08, 2016

Sex and Religion in Manila

It is surprising why many so-called "Pinoys" or Filipinos doesn't want to accept the fact that the country is full of corrupt religious leaders in the government. Perhaps it is because it is embedded in our culture.? 'May kasabihan, kung ano ang puno siya rin ang bunga.' We are numb because it has become part of us our culture and we are used to it. 'Nakasanayan na nating mga noypi?' For more than four hundred years Roman Catholicism who was brought by the Spaniards is still dominating our country's government. You can call me anti-Roman Catholic but history tells us that Romanism is a corrupt religion that should be rejected. With hundred of cases of pedophilia, human rights violations against nations and cultures, including falsification of documents together with conspiracy in acquiring land and riches of other kingdom and nations, the Philippines is just one of many of them who suffered injustice and deception from the hands of this pseudo-religion who has a great influence in the world's ruling class and mass media. - MORE -

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