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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Reformed Answers on the Roman Corruption of Christianity (full film)

After a three year biblical and historical examination of Roman Catholicism, the documentary "Reformed Answers on the Roman Corruption of Christianity" is finally finished and available at our store. This film is not for those looking to be entertained, but those who want a serious in depth examination of the Catholic religion from a responsible Reformed perspective.
We utilize the best of exegetical and historical theological scholarship and answer the question: Is Rome's claim to be the scriptural and primitive 2000 year old faith true? We interviewed Robert Zins and Richard Bennett obtaining, without question, some of their most intense and intriguing remarks ever captured on video. It is my prayer many Catholics God is drawing will benefit from this film and that Christians will be strengthened by it. This is, by God's grace, the biggest and most in depth work I have ever produced. SDG (SOURCE)

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