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Friday, June 13, 2014


I had been observing the people of Naga City, Bicol since last week, 8 days before the 116th Anniversary of Tagalog Revolt (KKK) or now what is popularly known as the Philippine Independence Day, branded by many as "Araw ng Kalayaan" or Day of Freedom? I must say many are indeed deceived and misinformed of what really this day signifies. To many it is a day of celebration that as Filipinos we should be proud of our heritage and of what our ancestors had done to achieve a state of freedom from the Spanish Religious Conquest. Yes, it is mainly a conquest in the name of their King and Religion. The expansion of Roman Catholic Empire was extended to this part of the world. Our Malayan Islands colonized by the Spaniards and some Portuguese loyal to King Phillip II whose parents had done so much atrocities in murdering and persecution of many of Protestant Reformers in Europe. King Phillip II was also a strong supporter loyal to his false religion in invading and killing ignorant and helpless people and countries in the name of his Roman God and Pope. What a king, he did not only continue the evil ways of his parents but also looted gold and silver from the Spanish Americas and from this part of the world... the so called Philippines named after him, a man whose heart was devoted in making people slaves and subordinates by hook or  by crook in the name of God and Romanism. 

So what is Independence Day? Why the name of this king is still branded on our nationality? 20 Million USD was a lot of money in those days... and could it be the sum or payment in return for our freedom? Don't be mistaken it's not the Hollywood film invasion of Extra-Terrestrials with mega size space machines... but perhaps I can define it as Independence Day in the name of entertainment.. you know like Hollywood but of course its for real and some  secret society or societies are behind this evil architecture.

It was the red, white and blue flag with yellow sun and stars inside of a triangle I first noticed being prepared by many people in Naga City for the celebration of the Philippine Independence Day. The present Philippine flag is notorious for being masonically inspired because of its symbolism. President Noynoy Aquino was the man of course to initiate this great day in honor and commemoration of Bicol's Masonic leaders who revolted against the Spanish Regime whose friars were involved in the killing and torture of many revolutionaries? I believe the torture equipments used in the tortures of these people were similar to what they have used in Europe during the Spanish Inquisitions. And of course their Priests and Inquisitors were the chief villain who killed members of the revolution, including a few number of priests who wanted independence from the corrupt Roman Catholic church system whose salvation is currency based and good deeds in favour of their so-called saints and friars who were none the less sinners like us according to the Holy Scriptures. I did not hear Pres. Noynoy Aquino mentioned in his speech who tortured some of the 15 Martyrs of Bicol Province. Perhaps he did not know about it in ATENEO who were the friars who tortured the Bicol Martyrs. I'm not surprised it should not be mentioned like the Mainstream Media in this nation who are Pro-RCC and of course to protect the Church.

What do we see from the celebration of the 116th year of Philippine Republick but protests from the people because corruption is deeply eating the fabric of this nation whose domineering religion is notorious for centuries of corrupting nations and souls mainly through Jesuitism. Romanism is not only deceiving many but leading many into a New World Order of lies and delusion. 

It might be true religion is the opium of the people but it can also be the "pork barrel scam" of  this country called THE PHILIPPINES.

May the Triune God of Creation help us and save us from this present reign of deceptions and CORRUPTION.

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