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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Pilgrim's Progress: Journey to Heaven

 Pilgrim's Progress: Journey to Heaven (or simply Pilgrim's Progress) is a 2008 Christian film loosely based on John Bunyan’s classic novel The Pilgrim's Progress. It was written and directed by Danny Carrales, and starred Daniel Kruse as Christian. The film was featured at the Merrimack Valley Christian Film Festival.

 Set in the modern day, the main character in the film, Christian (Daniel Kruse) is concerned about the well-being of his family after reading a book which says that the city will be destroyed by fire. It becomes a burden for him, but his family and friends reject the warnings in the book. He begins his journey to The Celestial City where he has been told that he will find safety from the coming destruction and relief from his burden. - Wikipedia
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