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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hi peeps. I'd like to share to you this video from, and this is not new, it's MODERN ECUMENISM...although the way it was done by Word of Faith Top minister Kenneth Copeland, Anglican Episcopal Bishop Tony Palmer, and Pope Francis was of course new. New trio I mean using old style of deception to bring Bible-believing Christians back to Rome and follow their ways.. Romanism. ROMANISM is always satanic and deceitful.. and of course its business.. money-making business. Rome hasn't changed... the blood of the Martyrs are crying out for vengence.. and God will avenged His people in His time. We know the Remonstrance ( the Pentecostal Arminians and the WCC, etc. and their kinds) has always been PRO-Roman Catholcism... don't be decieved by the Jesuits.. for they are Master Deceivers like their Father..

"You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies." - JOHN 8:44 ESV   The Satanic plan deviced to create a New World One Religion is headed by the Roman Catholic Church... I am afraid to say Anglican Episcopal Bishop Tony Palmer is wrong when he said; ""Brothers and sisters, Luther's protest is over. Is yours?" The Protestant Movement of Martin Luther and the rest of his fellow European Protestants counterparts during the beginning of the Reformation believed that The Church of Rome and the Pope of that day and the all the preceding popes is "The Great Prostitute and the Beast" as described in Revelation 17:1–18.  Obviously, until the whole corrupt system of the Roman Church will totally be stopped and destroyed, Protestantism will remain and continue. Don't be deceived Charismatics or Pentecostals are not PROTESTANTS.. they are PENTECOSTALS who sprung out from the so-called ASUZA STREET REVIVAL during the early 1900's and not from the REFORMATION in the 16th Century. Pls prayerfully watch the video below as you will be deceived by their old-style satanic lies of their Father in the Garden of Eden. Listen also to Mr Kenneth Copeland as he speaks in tongues.... what a show! :) God bless! - PLS ALSO READ THIS ARTICLE ENTITLED Dangers of the Ecumenical Movement  CLICK HERE!     


Do you know that the monument of "QUINCE MARTIREZ" infront of San Francisco Roman Catholic Church is a Masonic Monument?

Many people are misinformed of what really is the landmark erected in the middle of Naga City's metropolitan area called Plaza Quince Martires. To many, it is known that the faces and names engraved in the cemented monument were patriots and martyrs who died for the sake of patriotism. Although unknown to many, the Philippine revolt against the Spanish Colonizers during the late 19th century was only a fraction of their grand plan for world domination. The 19th Century Philippine-Spanish Revolution was an architecture orchestrated by the Illuminati-Freemasons as part of of their global plan to control the gold and currencies, as well as the economy and governments in the asia-pacific region during that period. The Philippines was a very important country to the Spanish Freemasons and European Illuminati who were also "conquestadors" and explorers because the Philippines was one of their major gateway to the New World and played an important part in their conquest for wealth, power, prestige, and lands for Spain, Romanism, the New World Order and Lucifer their god. The Vatican and many Popes during those times greatly opposed and persecuted membership in Freemasonry because of doctrinal issues. Many Roman Catholics were excommunicated.However, many elite and high degree Freemasons and "Allumbrados" remained as Roman Catholics despite of bans and oppositions because Romanism is not authentic Christianity but rather it is a Babylonian Religion disguised as Christian. Hence, even until this present time many Freemasons are in the Roman Church secretly serving their god and corrupting many countries; their whole system is being infiltrated and many are being deceived. And if you will make a good research you will find out that  most Philippine heroes of the 19th century Philippine Spanish Revolution were Freemason and Roman Catholics... they are called ILLUSTRADOS. 

The 15 Bicol Martyrs and their compatriots were greatly persecuted by the Friars who were in control of the Philippines during those times not because of their revolt but mainly because some were Freemasons and some were greatly influenced of their ideology against the Roman Church. ... Quince Martirez monument is nothing but a masonic landmark in Naga City... pointing toward its capital the Masonic City of Washington, D.C. - a reminder we are part of the Illuminati-Jesuit New World Order System.

Pls read the article MASONIC ORIGINS for more detailed understanding what really is FREEMASONRY.- Pls CLICK HERE.

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