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Saturday, December 30, 2017

THE MOB ON STEROIDS (the rise of the zionist state)


When I say the mob on steroids I am talking about power and what's called the ruling elite, the aristocrats, royalty, empire and so on. Who do the elite rule over? The peasants, the common man, the people, the masses, the pawns in the struggle for power. This is the natural order of things on this earth, this planet. What makes humanity divine (so to speak) is that we as a species question the natural order of things, i.e. religion, humanitarianism, spiritualism, civilization, etc, etc. Rather we have the capacity to question! This questioning is what constitutes truth, for power is ruthless, and to question power is to expose their ruthlessness. What I have done ever since I can remember is question power, or in reality life itself. To the powerful the philosopher is seen as dangerous, and subversive, Jesus Christ, or Malcolm X are both good examples of subversives. You really don't have to guess why both of these men were crucified and hated. The most organized, at this time in history, of the elite are the Zionist Jews, they took over (so to speak) humanity's or rather the elite's organized crime syndicates. This is what JFK was talking about when he spoke truth to power in his secret society speech; by the way Kennedy was another "subversive".

All is not hopeless or nihilistic in my perceptions of our world, no quite the contrary. The very thing that makes our world complicated, or ugly as it pertains to our species, is the very thing that makes us responsible for what and who we are. Unlike let us say the great apes, rats, or trees for that matter. That thing, is our capacity to change, to question ourselves, and the way we behave. Within this capacity lies the potential to change our world for the better. What gives me hope, is that power presently hides itself in a facade of false flags, victim hood and good works, i.e. the war on terror. This is a sea change compared to the old days of Attila the Hun, or the Roman Empire. No, what we have today, is empire or power elitism by stealth. The people's consciousness has changed enough to where the power elite, can no longer declare themselves an empire upon which the sun never sets. There are those whom will most likely flag this essay as hate speech or Anti Semitic, and that is quite telling in and of itself, as to who and what constitutes the power elite today, or what I call THE MOB ON STEROIDS . . .

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Saturday, December 23, 2017

R.C. Sproul Memorial Service

Teacher, professor, pastor, author, husband, father, grandfather, friend, servant of God and His people—Dr. Robert Charles Sproul, better known to many simply as R.C., was all of these things and more. Having finished his race on earth, Dr. Sproul has gone on to his reward, and we now celebrate his legacy of faithful service to Christ and His church. 

After his conversion during his freshman year in college, R.C. served Christ for more than sixty years. Never one to stand down when the gospel itself was at stake, R.C. tirelessly labored to defend the sufficiency of God’s grace alone for our salvation as well as the trustworthiness of the Word of God. Yet in all this, he remained the consummate happy warrior, his infectious humor and generous spirit on full display. His bold stand for the truth evidenced the confidence he had in the sovereignty of the Lord.

 R.C. was a uniquely gifted communicator, and his ability to make complex topics easy to understand was evident throughout his teaching. God in His grace used him to awaken men and women around the world to the holiness of God, and his legacy is evident not only in the vast body of work he leaves behind but in the countless people whose understanding of God’s majestic character was deepened because they sat under his teaching. 

As we reflect on R.C.’s life and legacy, we give glory to God for using R.C. to advance His kingdom on earth. We honor R.C. best by carrying on his mission to help as many people as possible understand the character of God and rest by faith alone in Jesus Christ.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017


"Will Israel ever accept Messianic Jews? - Indeed, Messianic Jews are largely shunned by mainstream Jewish communities around the world, and are commonly seen as proselytizers. 

In recent times, tension between Israel’s rabbinate and the liberal streams of Judaism both at home and abroad have been in the spotlight due to disputes over religious pluralism. But another group, Messianic Jews, is continuously ostracized both by mainstream world Jewry and by Israel.

Every now and again a story reaches the media about a self-identified Jew whose application for immigration to Israel, or aliya, has been denied on the basis that he or she is a Messianic Jew.

Supreme Court of Israel. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

 The Law of Return was enacted by the Knesset in 1950.

In 1970, Amendment 4A (a) to the Law of Return was passed, stating: “The rights of a Jew under this Law and the rights of an oleh under the Nationality Law, 5712-1952, as well as the rights of an oleh under any other enactment, are also vested in a child and a grandchild of a Jew, the spouse of a Jew, the spouse of a child of a Jew and the spouse of a grandchild of a Jew, except for a person who has been a Jew and has voluntarily changed his/her religion.”

In 1989, the Supreme Court ruled that Messianic Jews’ belief in Jesus makes them Christians, thus ineligible for automatic Israeli citizenship.

That ruling, however, was left open to future changes. “The ‘secular test’ is composed of various elements, and it is possible to enumerate between them the foundations of the Jewish religion, the Hebrew language, the history of the Jewish people and the rebuilding of its independence in its state. The internal weight of these elements has changed over time, and will change in the future. The secular-liberal conception is a dynamic concept that changes with the Jewish people’s path over history,” it reads.

In April 2008, the court ruled that several Messianic Jews were entitled to Israeli citizenship because they were the descendants of Jewish fathers or grandfathers, but had never been Jewish themselves, and thus had not converted.

“The question is whether the Law of Return is still suitable to current needs,” a source familiar with the issue tells the Post.

He says the situation is complicated for those who are in the “twilight zone of religions,” between Judaism and Christianity, for example, or those who converted under duress in order to save their lives. “The law has no answer to that. Nobody has given it any thought and nobody wants to touch the Law of Return, for fear that it will jeopardize the very foundation of the justification of Zionism.

“The absurd thing is that if they join a friendship association with Israel in the West, they will be very welcomed by Israel as friends, just like any Friends of Israel Christian group,” he adds, “although I believe that they would be shunned by local communities because they are too ambiguous about their Judaism, and communities in general are not afraid anymore of Christian Friends or even Muslim Friends but are very weary of all those who are in between.”

Indeed, Messianic Jews are largely shunned by mainstream Jewish communities around the world, and are commonly seen as proselytizers.

“The term ‘Jews for Jesus’ – and probably even ‘Messianic Jews’ – is a bit disingenuous,” says Rabbi David Rosen, adviser on interreligious affairs to the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, who also serves as the director of the American Jewish Committee’s Department of Interreligious Affairs.

“If people believe Jesus is one of the triune persons of God, then they should be honest as identifying themselves as Christian.

Therefore, they can identify themselves as ethnically Jewish Christians or Jewish Christians if they want. But they are Christian,” he tells the Post. “Part of the problem with those who use these terminologies is that it’s very often for missionary proselytizing purposes.... That, I think, is the major source of distress for the Jewish community, where they are seen as predatory in their religious approach and disingenuous in their terminology.”

Addressing arguments that the situation of descendants of Holocaust survivors and those targeted by antisemites should be taken into account, Rosen says: “I sympathize with their plight but think it’s ridiculous to suggest that antisemitism, let alone Nazism, should determine who is considered a Jew.”

This question, in his opinion, should not be in the hands of the state at all.

“From my point of view, the state should not be interfering in questions of people’s identity at all. It should not be going into the business of who is a Jew, let alone what is a Jew,” he asserts. “The state itself originally, prior the Law of Return, followed Ben-Gurion’s approach that anyone who wants to consider themselves as a Jews should be seen as a Jew.”

He also opined that the state, as a secular democracy, should not be preferring one group over another.

“Most Jews believe the Law of Return should still remain as a declarative testimony of the fact that Israel is a home for Jews everywhere in the world. But it is very dubious as to whether the Law of Return should be defining exactly who is a Jew,” he says, noting that in his opinion, the duty of absorbing immigrants should be the responsibility of an organization of the Jewish people, such as the Jewish Agency.

There are an estimated 20,000 Messianic Jewish believers in Israel, and an estimated 350,000 worldwide.

Scharf says very few Messianic Jews apply for aliya from abroad, but the Jewish Agency does not have data on those who apply to immigrate while already residing in Israel. The Population and Immigration Bureau says it does not have statistics specifically for Messianic Jews.

The Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel declined a request for an interview." - excerpts from Will Israel ever accept Messianic Jews? -  By Tamara Zieve
December 16, 2017 04:33  The Jerusalem Post

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Martin Luther a Racist Anti-Semite? - Q&A RC Sproul & Voddie Baucham

 "That Jesus Christ Was Born a Jew" (1523) - excerpts by Martin Luther

 A new lie about me is being circulated. I am supposed to have preached and written that Mary, the mother of God, was not a virgin either before or after the birth of Christ, but that she conceived Christ through Joseph, and had more children after that. Above and beyond all this, I am supposed to have preached a new heresy, namely, that Christ was [through Joseph] the seed of Abraham. How these lies tickle my good friends, the papists! Indeed, because they condemn the gospel it serves them right that they should have to satisfy and feed their heart's delight and joy with lies. I would venture to wager my neck that none of those very liars who allege such great things in honor of the mother of God believes in his heart a single one of these articles. Yet with their lies they pretend that they are greatly concerned about the Christian faith.

 But after all, it is such a poor miserable lie that I despise it and would rather not reply to it. In these past three years I have grown quite accustomed to hearing lies, even from our nearest neighbors. And they in turn have grown accustomed to the noble virtue of neither blushing nor feeling ashamed when they are publicly convicted of lying. They let themselves be chided as liars, yet continue their lying. Still they are the best Christians, striving with all that they have and are to devour the Turk and to extirpate all heresy.

 Since for the sake of others, however, I am compelled to answer these lies, I thought I would also write something useful in addition, so that I do not vainly steal the reader's time with such dirty rotten business. Therefore, I will cite from Scripture the reasons that move me to believe that Christ was a Jew born of a virgin, that I might perhaps also win some Jews to the Christian faith. Our fools, the popes, bishops, sophists, and monks-the crude asses' heads-have hitherto so treated the Jews that anyone who wished to be a good Christian would almost have had to become a Jew. If I had been a Jew and had seen such dolts and blockheads govern and teach the Christian faith, I would sooner have become a hog than a Christian.

They have dealt with the Jews as if they were dogs rather than human beings; they have done little else than deride them and seize their property. When they baptize them they show them nothing of Christian doctrine or life, but only subject them to popishness and monkery. When the Jews then see that Judaism has such strong support in Scripture, and that Christianity has become a mere babble without reliance on Scripture, how can they possibly compose themselves and become right good Christians? I have myself heard from pious baptized Jews that if they had not in our day heard the gospel they would have remained Jews under the cloak of Christianity for the rest of their days. For they acknowledge that they have never yet heard anything about Christ from those who baptized and taught them.

 I hope that if one deals in a kindly way with the Jews and instructs them carefully from Holy Scripture, many of them will become genuine Christians and turn again to the faith of their fathers, the prophets and patriarchs. They will only be frightened further away from it if their Judaism is so utterly rejected that nothing is allowed to remain, and they are treated only with arrogance and scorn. If the apostles, who also were Jews, had dealt with us Gentiles as we Gentiles deal with the Jews, there would never have been a Christian among the Gentiles. Since they dealt with us Gentiles in such brotherly fashion, we in our turn ought to treat the Jews in a brotherly manner in order that we might convert some of them. For even we ourselves are not yet all very far along, not to speak of having arrived.

When we are inclined to boast of our position we should remember that we are but Gentiles, while the Jews are of the lineage of Christ. We are aliens and in-laws; they are blood relatives, cousins, and brothers of our Lord. Therefore, if one is to boast of flesh and blood, the Jews are actually nearer to Christ than we are, as St. Paul says in Romans 9[:5]. God has also demonstrated this by his acts, for to no nation among the Gentiles has he granted so high an honor as he has to the Jews. For from among the Gentiles there have been raised up no patriarchs, no apostles, no prophets, indeed, very few genuine Christians either. And although the gospel has been proclaimed to all the world, yet He committed the Holy Scriptures, that is, the law and the prophets, to no nation except the Jews, as Paul says in Romans 3[:2] and Psalm 147[:19-20], "He declares his word to Jacob, his statutes and ordinances to Israel. He has not dealt thus with any other nation; nor revealed his ordinances to them....

Friday, December 15, 2017

Robert C. Sproul 1939 - 2017

“If there is one maverick molecule in all the universe, then God is not sovereign. And if God is not sovereign, He is not God.” - R.C. Sproul

 Ang isa sa mga Amerikanong Teologo na "Reformed" at kilala sa buong mundo na guro, mangangaral sa himpapawid, sa telebisyon, maging sa masang Amerikano. Isang manunulat, pastor, at apolohetika. Nagtatag ng Ligonier Ministries noong taon 1971 ngunit  ngayon ay sumakabilang buhay na kahapon dahil sa sakit na “severe respiratory difficulties exacerbated by the flu and complicated by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).” sa edad na pitong po at walo o 78.

Si Robert Charles Sproul ay na ordenahan taong 1965 bilang Kanunuan sa United Presbyterian Church in the USA at lumipat ng knasasapiang kapulungan noong 1975 sa Presbyterian Church in America.

"Incomparable Combination- As time went by, I came to realize that the impact of such preaching was owing to R.C.’s incomparable combination of allegiances.First, he had a serious and rigorous attention to the actual text of Scripture. He was not making his points in general, as his sermon floated in a fog above the text. He was reading the text. He was pushing my nose into the clauses. He was showing me what is really there. The shocking realities were real because they were really in the text.

Second, over time, when you heard R.C. do this kind of thing repeatedly, you realized such serious and rigorous attention to the text was owing to his total devotion to the inerrancy and radical relevance of the Scriptures. He didn’t believe that the message of biblical texts was innocuous and unexciting, and therefore in need of artificial verbal boosters to make the thunder crack. Oh no. If you take the text seriously, and you realize this is the very word of God, you may expect that its relevance will be repeatedly shocking.

Third, therefore, the jolting formulations of biblical truth that were sprinkled so liberally through R.C.’s preaching and writing were not artificially concocted to add effect, but strategically chosen to express reality. And he would say that the jolting expressions, if anything, fall short of, rather than exaggerate, the reality of the text.

Fourth, emerging from the exegesis, and rising in my heart, was an unashamed allegiance to the absolute sovereignty of God to show mercy or to judge according to his infinite wisdom. This was R.C.’s goal: a heart that is stunned and humbled and captivated by the transcendent greatness and purity of God."
-  extracted from Unashamed Allegiance My Tribute to R.C. Sproul (1939–2017)  -by John Piper, Founder & Teacher,

Thursday, December 07, 2017


The Curse is upon many of us... humanity is gradually being destroyed and poisoned by the Devil and by his agents of deceptions. We are all helpless .. there is only ONE WAY to be saved. and it is through The Son of GOD. The Saviour of the World! Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Way, the Truth and the Life... ( John 14:6)

"Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved." -Acts 4:12


 image source:

1601 -- Original Jesuit mission is established at Beijing, China. The Jesuits, having achieved positions of "unquestioned authority" at the Chinese royal court, hold the key to the opium trade. They are later followed by the Portuguese and then the Dutch.

1659 -- The Dutch now control the ancient dope trade routes. In exchange for taxes paid to the Mogul court, Dutch traders are allowed to force Indian peasants to produce dope for them.

1715 -- The British East India Company opens an office in Canton,China.

1750 -- By now the Dutch are shipping more than 100 tons of opium per year to Indonesia. Besides business advantages, the Dutch have discovered that opium is "a useful means for breaking the moral resistance of Indonesians who opposed the introduction of their semi-servile but increasingly profitable plantation system. They deliberately spread the drug habits from the ports... to the countryside." (How were the drug habits "deliberately spread"? The book, *Dope, Inc.*, does not exactly say. Nowadays, certain "rebellious" rock and roll songs serve as advertising jingles which help lure in potential consumers. Censorship, however, is not the answer. But be aware when you hear lyrics such as "Ritalin is in. Ritalin is in," that "somebody" might be trying to sell you something.)

1757 -- Military victories make Bengal a British colony.

1783 -- Lord Shelburne, who concluded peace negotiations with America after our Revolutionary War, is the power behind William Pitt the Younger, British Prime Minister. Shelburne is allied with the Jesuits, the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, and the East India Company.Both the British Empire and the East India Company are bankrupt. Lord Shelburne and associates take over the East India Company, and makes it "the central instrument of loot for the maintenance of the British Empire." Shelburne proposes to use "free trade" as a cover for both subverting the United States and expanding the opium trade into the Far East. Lord Shelburne is allied also with Francis Baring, an Anglo-Dutch banker.

1787 -- British Secretary of State Dundas has proposed that Britain force itself more into China so as to help augment the opium market there. The East India Company, acting in a manner reminiscent of our own American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), establishes "cut outs" -- intermediaries -- to handle the export of opium from India to China.

1830 -- Number of chests filled with opium being brought into China has increased fourfold since late 1700s: 18,956 chests.

1836 -- Number of chests filled with opium being brought into China: greater than 30,000 chests.

1839 -- China launches its own version of a "War on Drugs". Lin Tse-hsu is appointed drug czar. He cracks down on the "Society of Heaven and Earth," also known as The Triad Society, which had been recruited by the East India Company into the opium business in the early 1800s. But Lin goes too far. He tries to arrest a British national connected to the dope trade. British warships intervene. Lin responds by holding British tea for ransom, until and unless merchants turn over their opium stockpiles. Britain's Lord Palmerston, backed by the powerful British Navy, demands (1) full
legalization of opium trade into China; (2) compensation for opium stockpiles confiscated by Lin; and (3) British sovereignty over several offshore islands.

June 1840 -- The British fleet arrives in force and lays siege. Chinese forces are relatively weak, due partly to drug addiction within their Imperial Army. The Chinese Emperor asks for a peace treaty.

1842 -- The Treaty of Nanking, among other things, gives Hong Kong to the British. To this day Hong Kong is said to be the capital of British drug-running.

"The British stopped their opium trade in China in 1918, but by then, opium production had taken root in China, and the opium drug lords became completely indigenous and independent of foreign sources. The effects of the use of opium in China are difficult to calculate, but, in my opinion, it had a devastating result on the economy and on the government. Drug money was a sizable force for corruption in China, and that epidemic of government corruption left China in political and social turmoil for over a century. 

In the 1920s, the enterprising Chinese “green gang” manufactured heroine pills that were sold as a “cure for opium addiction.” In 1928, when heroine was banned in western nations, Chinese drug lords set up their own production facilities and expanded heroine distribution throughout China, Korea, and parts of southeast Asia. 

The Chinese drug cartels had immense wealth and power and political groups allied with them to gain power. The nation of Japan never would have been able to invade Manchuria and capture so much of China in the 20th century had China not been in a state of chaos. Opium was a prime force in the creation of that chaos. With them, the Japanese brought a new level of human misery to China. Approximately 20,000,000 Chinese people died as a consequence of the ruthless Japanese occupation.

The use of opium in China continued until the communist government took over all of mainland China in 1949. I have never been a fan of the Chinese Communist junta, but I must give them credit for finally outlawing opium and heroin in China. European traders could not have foreseen the long-term effects of opium sales in China. But in my view, China has not yet fully recovered from the impact of opium and heroin use there prior to 1949.  - extracted from - British Drug Pushers in China–The 2nd Opium War 

 1947 to 1951, FRANCE According to Alfred W. McCoy in The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, CIA arms, money, and disinformation enabled Corsican criminal syndicates in Marseille to wrestle control of labor unions from the Communist Party. The Corsicans gained political influence and control over the docks — ideal conditions for cementing a long-term partnership with mafia drug distributors, which turned Marseille into the postwar heroin capital of the Western world. Marseille’s first heroin laboratones were opened in 1951, only months after the Corsicans took over the waterfront.

Signature page of the Treaty of Nanjing, signed August 29, 1842, at Nanjing, China, at the …
The National Archives/Heritage-Images

The Nationalist Chinese army, organized by the CIA to wage war against Communist China, became the opium barons of The Golden Triangle (parts of Burma, Thailand and Laos), the world’s largest source of opium and heroin. Air America, the ClA’s principal airline proprietary, flew the drugs all over Southeast Asia. (See Christopher Robbins, Air America, Avon Books, 1985, chapter 9)

 1950s to early 1970s, INDOCHINA  During U.S. military involvement in Laos and other parts of Indochina, Air America flew opium and heroin throughout the area. Many Gl’s in Vietnam became addicts. A laboratory built at CIA headquarters in northern Laos was used to refine heroin. After a decade of American military intervention, Southeast Asia had become the source of 70 percent of the world’s illicit opium and the major supplier of raw materials for America’s booming heroin market.
1973-80, AUSTRALIA The Nugan Hand Bank of Sydney was a CIA bank in all but name. Among its officers were a network of US generals, admirals and CIA men, including fommer CIA Director William Colby, who was also one of its lawyers. With branches in Saudi Arabia, Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and the U.S., Nugan Hand Bank financed drug trafficking, money laundering and international arms dealings. In 1980, amidst several mysterious deaths, the bank collapsed, $50 million in debt. (See Jonathan Kwitny, The Crimes of Patriots: A True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money and the CIA, W.W. Norton & Co., 1 987.)  

1970s and 1980s, PANAMA For more than a decade, Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega was a highly paid CIA asset and collaborator, despite knowledge by U.S. drug authorities as early as 1971 that the general was heavily involved in drug trafficking and money laundering. Noriega facilitated ”guns-for-drugs” flights for the contras, providing protection and pilots, as well as safe havens for drug cartel otficials, and discreet banking facilities. U.S. officials, including then-ClA Director William Webster and several DEA officers, sent Noriega letters of praise for efforts to thwart drug trafficking (albeit only against competitors of his Medellin Cartel patrons). The U.S. government only turned against Noriega, invading Panama in December 1989 and kidnapping the general once they discovered he was providing intelligence and services to the Cubans and Sandinistas. Ironically drug trafficking through Panama increased after the US invasion. (John Dinges, Our Man in Panama, Random House, 1991; National Security Archive Documentation Packet The Contras, Cocaine, and Covert Operations.) 

 1980s, CENTRAL AMERICA The San Jose Mercury News series documents just one thread of the interwoven operations linking the CIA, the contras and the cocaine cartels. Obsessed with overthrowing the leftist Sandinista government in Nicaragua, Reagan administration officials tolerated drug trafficking as long as the traffickers gave support to the contras. In 1989, the Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics, and International Operations (the Kerry committee) concluded a three-year investigation by stating: “There was substantial evidence of drug smuggling through the war zones on the part of individual Contras, Contra suppliers, Contra pilots mercenaries who worked with the Contras, and Contra supporters throughout the region…. U.S. officials involved in Central America failed to address the drug issue for fear of jeopardizing the war efforts against Nicaragua…. In each case, one or another agency of the U.S. govemment had intormation regarding the involvement either while it was occurring, or immediately thereafter…. Senior U S policy makers were nit immune to the idea that drug money was a perfect solution to the Contras’ funding problems.” (Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy, a Report of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and Intemational Operations, 1989) 

 In Costa Rica, which served as the “Southern Front” for the contras (Honduras being the Northern Front), there were several different ClA-contra networks involved in drug trafficking. In addition to those servicing the Meneses-Blandon operation detailed by the Mercury News, and Noriega’s operation, there was CIA operative John Hull, whose farms along Costa Rica’s border with Nicaragua were the main staging area for the contras. Hull and other ClA-connected contra supporters and pilots teamed up with George Morales, a major Miami-based Colombian drug trafficker who later admitted to giving $3 million in cash and several planes to contra leaders. 

In 1989, after the Costa Rica government indicted Hull for drug trafficking, a DEA-hired plane clandestinely and illegally flew the CIA operative to Miami, via Haiti. The US repeatedly thwarted Costa Rican efforts to extradite Hull back to Costa Rica to stand trial. Another Costa Rican-based drug ring involved a group of Cuban Amencans whom the CIA had hired as military trainers for the contras. Many had long been involved with the CIA and drug trafficking They used contra planes and a Costa Rican-based shnmp company, which laundered money for the CIA, to move cocaine to the U.S. Costa Rica was not the only route. Guatemala, whose military intelligence service — closely associated with the CIA — harbored many drug traffickers, according to the DEA, was another way station along the cocaine highway. Additionally, the Medellin Cartel’s Miami accountant, Ramon Milian Rodriguez, testified that he funneled nearly $10 million to Nicaraguan contras through long-time CIA operative Felix Rodriguez, who was based at Ilopango Air Force Base in El Salvador. 

The contras provided both protection and infrastructure (planes, pilots, airstrips, warehouses, front companies and banks) to these ClA-linked drug networks. At least four transport companies under investigation for drug trafficking received US govemment contracts to carry non-lethal supplies to the contras. Southern Air Transport, “formerly” ClA-owned, and later under Pentagon contract, was involved in the drug running as well. Cocaine-laden planes flew to Florida, Texas, Louisiana and other locations, including several militarv bases Designated as ‘Contra Craft,” these shipments were not to be inspected. When some authority wasn’t clued in and made an arrest, powerful strings were pulled on behalf of dropping the case, acquittal, reduced sentence, or deportation.

 Drug Boss Escobar Worked for the CIA

The notorious cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar worked closely with the CIA, according to his son. In this episode of The Geopolitical Report, we look at the long history of CIA involvement in the international narcotics trade, beginning with its collaboration with the French Mafia to using drug money to illegally fund the Contras and overthrow the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. We also look at how drug profits are used to float Wall Street and the role big banks play in laundering huge amounts of illicit drug profits. 

1980s to early 1990s, AFGHANISTAN ClA-supported Moujahedeen rebels engaged heavily in drug trafficking while fighting against the Soviet-supported govemment and its plans to reform the very backward Afghan society. The Agency’s principal client was Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, one of the leading druglords and leading heroin refiner. CIA supplied trucks and mules, which had carried arms into Afghanistan, were used to transport opium to laboratories along the Afghan Pakistan border. The output provided up to one half of the heroin used annually in the United States and three-quarters of that used in Western Europe. US officials admitted in 1990 that they had failed to investigate or take action against the drug operabon because of a desire not to offend their Pakistani and Afghan allies. In 1993, an official of the DEA called Afghanistan the new Colombia of the drug world.  

MlD-1980s to early 199Os, HAITI While working to keep key Haitian military and political leaders in power, the CIA turned a blind eye to their clients’ drug trafficking. In 1986, the Agency added some more names to its payroll by creating a new Haitian organization, the National Intelligence Service (SIN). SIN was purportedly created to fight the cocaine trade, though SIN officers themselves engaged in the trafficking, a trade aided and abetted by some of the Haitian military and political leaders. William Blum is author of Killing Hope: U.S Military and CIA Interventions Since World War ll available from Common Courage Press, P.O. Box 702, Monroe, Maine, 04951 The original source of this article is and Global Research Copyright © William Blum, and Global Research, 2015  

"Below is a list of other Vatican officials who directed the CIA drug operations for the Jesuits.  

William Joseph Casey (March 13, 1913 – May 6, 1987) was the Director of Central Intelligence from 1981 to 1987. In this capacity he oversaw the entire United States Intelligence Community and personally directed the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He was a Knight of Malta submitted to the Vatican and Jesuit Order.

  John Alexander McCone (January 4, 1902 – February 14, 1991) was an American businessman and politician who served as Director of Central Intelligence during the height of the Cold War. He was a Knight of Malta submitted to the Vatican and Jesuit Order.

Allen Welsh Dulles (/ˈdʌləs/; April 7, 1893 – January 29, 1969) was an American diplomat and lawyer who became the first civilian Director of Central Intelligence and its longest-serving director to date. Dulles was also the Uncle to a Jesuit Priest named, Avery Dulles. The Jesuits who control the military’s and intelligence agencies of the world through their Knights of Malta and other Orders, are responsible for all the nasty street drugs being distributed into our communities. This is also part of the Jesuit secret oath to put to death all heretics and curse them. The Jesuits are masters and students of poison (The Jesuit secret oath encourages Jesuits to poison those who won’t submit to the Pope and Jesuit General). The Vatican Council of Trent also pronounces a number of curses upon Protestants who believe in Salvation through faith in Jesus alone. By distributing nasty drugs into the community, the Jesuits and Vatican control a worldwide economy that generates more revenue than oil, and they also get to poison and destroy heretics by selling poisonous drugs to the youth.

 Former Mafia boss, Tony Gambino, also confirmed in a radio interview with Greg Szymanski and Eric Jon Phelps, that the Mafia was working for the Vatican and Jesuit Order. The Vatican and Jesuits who control the CIA through the Knights of Malta (who are submitted to the Jesuit controlled Pope), are placing clean cut looking Roman Catholics who work for the Jesuits in positions of power in the CIA. These clean cut looking alter boys in the CIA, are secretly working with the Mafia to make money for the Vatican and Jesuits (David Yallop in his book, “In God’s name” clearly proves Mafia and organized crime drug money ends up in the Vatican Bank). 

The Jesuit drug trade profits allow the Jesuits to maintain control over the world.

David Yallop also proved that much of the Mafia drug money that ended up in the Vatican bank, was used to purchase weapons for political parties in South America. It seems the Vatican uses their Knights of Malta in the CIA to control governments by funding the Contra army, and they also use their actual Vatican bank, to send funds to sympathetic governments who will obey the Jesuit Order. 

The Vatican and the CIA are one entity, they always have been. The CIA is a Jesuit and Vatican engine used to increase Jesuit control over the world, this control will also lead to another Vatican inquisition of Protestants, unless Protestants wake up to the the dangers posed by the Vatican and Jesuits." - extracted from - The Jesuit and Vatican international drug trafficking Empire

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Vatican insider reveals all. the Vatican in rebellion against the Pope and his wicked staff.

Largest Catholic Church Pedophile Bust in History: 'Unprecedented' Amount of Child Porn Discovered in the Vatican

 As the Catholic Church battles to stem their continuing exposure of clerical pedophilia, detectives have uncovered an "unprecedented" amount of child pornography including images, videos and other explicit content discovered within the walls of the Vatican.
The Vatican Promotor of Justice, Gian Piero Milano, released a report in response to the allegations which he read in full to Catholic Church officials during a judicial ceremony.

Due to the Catholic Church's internal investigations protocol, Milano claims he is under no legal obligation to actually name names of people accused of pedophilia and possessing child pornography.

However, Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Holy See, showed a rare display of openness and named Archbishop Josef Wesolowski as one of the accused that had triggered the investigation.

 Although this may seem like a forthcoming gesture by the Vatican, reports of Wesolowski not only possessing more than 100,000 images and videos of children being forced into sex acts but also of him sexually abusing multiple children in Poland and the Dominican Republic have already previously been exposed in 2014.

Due to the Vatican's internal policies, Wesolowski was investigated but escaped jail for "his own protection".

In an unusual move by the church, the high-ranking Catholic official was facing trial from the Vatican's prosecution for his crimes and had been placed under "protective" house arrest, but mysteriously died before the case even reached a "courtroom".

 The lack of justice following his death left many of his victims frustrated with suggestions that the only reason for the house arrest is the fact that word got out that he was allowed to roam free after he was quietly whisked away from the Dominican Republic and back to the Catholic city-state by Vatican officials in order to avoid prosecution there.
According to Church and State, the descriptions of what was actually found on Wesolowski’s computer were more than a little stomach-churning:

There were more than 160 videos of teenaged boys being forced to masturbate for the camera and perform sex acts on one another.

In addition, the boys were raped and forced to perform sex acts on adults, as well.
Wesolowski was tedious and protective of his child porn collection, filing more than 86,000 images into categories in locked folders.

In addition to the images and videos present on the computer, at least 45,000 others had already been deleted.

Further, the good Archbishop wanted to make sure he wasn’t without a stash of child porn while traveling, so he took a laptop along on his trips containing, even more, images and videos.

It seems fairly typical that the only accused party to be named in this latest child porn discovery case in the one that has already been exposed and passed away, with the identities of the other accused kept confidential.

According to the Guardian, beyond the child pornography cases, Vatican authorities are battling an array of crimes including drug trafficking and money laundering.
Three drug deliveries addressed to the Vatican were intercepted in 2014, including a packet containing cocaine-filled condoms.

The drugs were discovered at Germany’s Leipzig airport and handed to the Vatican in the hope of ensnaring the buyer, but no one came forward to claim the package.

Pedophilia and the Catholic Church Go Hand in Hand: 

The Vatican Paid Nearly $4 Billion to Settle Pedophilia Lawsuits 

Pedophile Priest With HIV Who Raped 30 Children Forgiven by Church 

Sex and Drug Ring Raided at Apartment of Third Highest-Ranking Vatican Cardinal 

Pope Admits Priests Have Raped Thousands of Children Without Punishment 

Australia’s Catholic Church Paid $213 Million to 4,445 Children Sexually Abused by Pedophile Priests

"Largest Catholic Church Pedophile Bust in History: 'Unprecedented' Amount of Child Porn Discovered in the Vatican" is Reposted from
Catholic Church child sex abuse is being covered up by Vatican clerics, according to a United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child report. Following the findings a subsequent indictment was issued by the UN demanding that the Catholic Church stop protecting pedophiles by remaining silent. The indictment also called for the Church to hand over any information to criminal investigators that they have concerning clerics who are known or suspected of abuse. Elliot Hill and Lissette Padilla discuss how the Church is more concerned with saving their reputation than they are with protecting children, in this clip from the Lip News.

The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church, is the largest Christian church, with more than 1.29 billion members worldwide. As one of the oldest religious institutions in the world, it has played a prominent role in the history and development of Western civilisation. Headed by the Bishop of Rome, known as the Pope, the church's doctrines are summarised in the Nicene Creed. Its central administration, the Holy See, is in the Vatican City, enclaved within Rome, Italy. The Catholic Church teaches that it is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church founded by Jesus Christ in his Great Commission, that its bishops are the successors of Christ's apostles, and that the Pope is the successor to Saint Peter to whom primacy was conferred by Jesus Christ. It maintains that it practises the original Christian faith, reserving infallibility, passed down by sacred tradition. 

The Latin Church, the Eastern Catholic Churches, and institutes such as mendicant orders and enclosed monastic orders reflect a variety of theological and spiritual emphases in the Church. Of its seven sacraments the Eucharist is the principal one, celebrated liturgically in the Mass. The church teaches that through consecration by a priest the sacrificial bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ. Virgin Mary is venerated in the Catholic Church as Mother of God and Queen of Heaven, honoured in dogmas and devotions. Its teaching includes sanctification through faith and evangelisation of the Gospel and Catholic social teaching, which emphasises support for the sick, the poor, and the afflicted through the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. 

The Catholic Church is the largest non-government provider of education and health care in the world. The Catholic Church has influenced Western philosophy, culture, science, and art. The Catholic Church shared communion with the Eastern Orthodox Church until the East–West Schism in 1054, disputing particularly the authority of the Pope, as well as with the Oriental Orthodox churches prior to the Chalcedonian schism in 451 over differences in Christology. Catholics live all over the world through missions, diaspora, and conversions. 

Since the 20th century the majority reside in the southern hemisphere due to secularisation in Europe, and increased persecution in the Middle East. From the late 20th century, the Catholic Church has been criticised for its doctrines on sexuality, its refusal to ordain women and its handling of sexual abuse cases.

RELATED NEWS: Jesuits pay record $166.1 million in child abuse case
By Michael Martinez, CNN 

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LUCIFERIAN DRUG LORDS of the NWO 2017 Exposed!

Drug legalization and narco-terror go hand-in-hand, with George Soros, the world's biggest dope pusher leading the way. - - Early LPACTV

On January 9, Colombian daily El Espectador, published a column by New York hedge fund manager George Soros titled “The Abnormal Times of Trump” (Los Tiempos Anormales de Trump), in which the Hungarian-American billionaire opened with, “I must tell you who I am and what I believe in.” It would seem through this piece, written “especially for El Espectador”, that the founder of the Open Society Foundations was attempting to introduce himself to Colombians. He’s a few decades too late.

In fact, Soros has been a key player in shaping both U.S. policy toward Colombia and the country’s internal politics since at least the 1990s. Through his own network of NGOs and those he sponsors, Soros has waged a decades-long assault on the country’s institutions designed to legitimize Colombia’s narco-terrorist groups – a goal he is very close to achieving. (1)

Last December, the Colombian Congress ratified a “peace deal” between the government of President Juan Manuel Santos and the narco-terrorist group known as the FARC– despite the deal having been rejected by a national plebiscite on October 2. As such, the world’s leading drug-trafficking Cartel has guaranteed unelected seats in Congress, Santos has rule-by-decree powers, and Colombia is quickly devolving into a narco-failed State. The road to this end was paved and funded by George Soros, and achieved through a three-pronged approach: weakening of the State and its institutions, blocking drug eradication efforts, and promoting drug legalization and decriminalization. - PLS CLICK HERE. and Continue Reading.

 George Soros has spent at least $80million to get pot legalized in the US and Uruguay
Pro-marijuana advocates have been backed by billionaire George Soros for years, a new report has revealed.

Soros has funneled at least $80million towards legalization since 1994, and has been joined in his efforts by a former insurance executive who openly admitted he often smoked the drug. The billionaire’s money finds its way into local ballot initiatives around the world via the Drug Policy Alliance and the American Civil Liberties Union, according to a Washington Times report detailing his unrivalled support for drug legalization.

Read more:


 Italian police: Mafia skimmed millions -2017-05-16 07:08 Associated Press

 Rome - Italian police on Monday arrested 68 people, including a priest and the head of a Catholic volunteer group called "Mercy," accusing them of being in cahoots with a major mafia clan that skimmed millions in public funds destined for one of Italy's biggest migrant welcome centres.

Announcing the arrests, an incredulous Carabinieri General Giuseppe Governale summarised the scam by saying: "The welcome centre and 'Mercy' were the ATMs of the mafia".

Investigators said the Arena clan of the Calabrian 'ndrangheta mob had secured a stranglehold on servicing the Isola di Capo Rizzuto migrant centre in Crotone for the past decade, thanks in part to its links to "Mercy" and its head, Leonardo Sacco.

Sacco is a well-connected Italian and his arrest took on political implications given the number of politicians - and even Pope Francis - who have been photographed with him.

Real estate
Investigators said "Mercy" subcontracted catering services to companies run by the Arena clan, which allegedly skimmed $39.5m of the $103m in public funds destined for migrant care between 2006 and 2015.

Part of the scam involved claiming for more meals than were actually provided and then using the money to buy real estate, fancy cars and luxury boats, said Catanzaro prosecutor Nicola Gratteri.

Police said the Reverend Edoardo Scordio, a parish priest affiliated with "Mercy", was the "organiser of a true system of exploitation of public funds destined for the migrant emergency". -

 Pope Francis Praises Soros-Funded Organization; Encourages “Resistance”
 On 17 February, Pope Francis released a letter written for those gathered for the World Meeting of Popular Movements held in California from 16-19 February — a meeting organized by the Vatican. Such meetings regularly take place in the Vatican and are initiated by Pope Francis himself in his attempt to work together with a variety of grassroots movements world-wide.

In the letter, which is dated 10 February, Pope Francis publicly praises the organization PICO — People Improving Communities through Organizing — which was one of the promoters of this Vatican event. Francis writes:

    I would also like to highlight the work done by the PICO National Network and the organizations promoting this meeting. I learned that PICO stands for “People Improving Communities through Organizing”. What a great synthesis of the mission of popular movements: to work locally, side by side with your neighbors, organizing among yourselves, to make your communities thrive. [my emphasis]

What Pope Francis does not mention here is that PICO is heavily funded by George Soros. Leftist watchdog website Discover the Political Networks describes PICO as a group that “uses Alinsky-style organizing tactics to advance the doctrines of the religious left.” As John-Henry Westen, editor-in-chief of LifeSiteNews reported in August of 2016, leaks from the Soros Foundation have shown how Soros funded PICO and other organizations in order to influence the Vatican in favor of certain policies and agendas. Westen reports:

    Leaked emails through WikiLeaks reveal that billionaire globalist George Soros — one of Hilary Clinton’s top donors — paid $650,000 to influence Pope Francis’ September 2015 visit to the USA with a view to “shift[ing] national paradigms and priorities in the run-up to the 2016 presidential campaign.” The funds were allocated in April 2015 and the report on their effectiveness suggests that successful achievements included, “Buy-in of individual bishops to more publicly voice support of economic and racial justice messages in order to begin to create a critical mass of bishops who are aligned with the Pope.” […] Grantees were PICO, a faith-based community organizing group, and Faith in Public Life (FPL), a progressive group working in media to promote left-leaning ‘social justice’ causes. Soros has funded left-wing causes the world over and was  just found to have been funding an effort to eliminate pro-life laws around the globe.

That there are already well-established ties between the Vatican and this progressive, often subversive, Soros-funded organization PICO can also be seen in this part of Westen’s report:

    In order to seize on the opportunity provided by the Pope’s visit to the US, says the report, “we will support PICO’s organizing activities to engage the Pope on economic and racial justice issues, including using the influence of Cardinal Rodriguez, the Pope’s senior advisor, and sending a delegation to visit the Vatican in the spring or summer to allow him to hear directly from low-income Catholics in America.”

    In 2013 Cardinal Rodriguez endorsed PICO’s work in a video during a visit from PICO representatives to the cardinal’s diocese. “I want to endorse all the efforts they are doing to promote communities of faith,” he said, “… Please, keep helping PICO.”

This same network is right now taking steps to oppose President Donald Trump’s policies with regard to immigration questions, specifically the so-called Immigration Ban. It is organizing protests an different locations in the U.S. As one statement on PICO’s website regarding “Organizing for the Resistance” says:

    This morning, PICO National Network, United We Dream, and Church World Service declared together on a media conference call that faith communities in America are taking a prophetic stance against President-elect Trump’s promised persecution of immigrants, Muslims and people of color by providing Sanctuary in more than 800 congregations. And this is just the beginning. […] Now is the time for us to create empathetic space for uncommon encounters across difference, building bridges and disrupting patterns of isolation and fear in our communities. This is a moment for multi-racial, multi-faith communities to reimagine the Beloved Community, taking bold and prophetic action to realize it. 

This is part of the managed chaos we have been witnessing in the U.S. for some weeks now. And it seems that Pope Francis, in his own 10 February letter, encourages such crises:

    As Christians and all people of good will, it is for us to live and act at this moment. […] The direction taken beyond this historic turning-point—the ways in which this worsening crisis gets resolved—will depend on people’s involvement and participation and, largely, on yourselves, the popular movements. We should be neither paralyzed by fear nor shackled within the conflict. We have to acknowledge the danger but also the opportunity that every crisis brings in order to advance to a successful synthesis. [sic. The dialectical method.] In the Chinese language, which expresses the ancestral wisdom of that great people, the word “crisis” is comprised of two ideograms: Wēi, which represents “danger”, and Jī, which represents “opportunity”. The grave danger is to disown our neighbors.

Pope Francis himself calls for resistance, and implicitly seems to encourage the self-proclaimed “chaos managers”:

    But here we also find an opportunity: that the light of the love of neighbor may illuminate the Earth with its stunning brightness like a lightning bolt in the dark; that it may wake us up and let true humanity burst through with authentic resistance, resilience and persistence.

In reiterating some themes discussed before, Pope Francis adds:

    Here are the roots of the authentic humanity that resists the dehumanization that wears the livery of indifference, hypocrisy, or intolerance. I know that you have committed yourselves to fight for social justice, to defend our Sister Mother Earth [sic] and to stand alongside migrants. I want to reaffirm your choice and share two reflections in this regard.

The pope adds the importance of protecting nature and his plea for religious tolerance, namely that “no people is criminal and no religion is terrorist. Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist.” [my emphasis]

Does it surprise us that this Vatican meeting in California “criticizes Trump orders“? As the Miami Herald reports:

    Speakers at a Vatican-sponsored conference in Northern California — including an archbishop — denounced President Donald Trump’s orders on immigration and travel and vowed to fight them at a meeting Friday. Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez said President Barack Obama deported a high number of people, but the harsh tone and cruelty coming out of the new administration was prompting mass fear and panic. [my emphasis]

In this context, this conference now called the Catholic Church to investigate its own “racism”:

    The gathering of more than 600 clergy and social justice activists also included a session on racism Friday, where speakers encouraged religious people and institutions, including the Roman Catholic Church, to confront their own racism. [my emphasis]

In November of 2016, the Italian historian Professor Roberto de Mattei had informed us that, after Hillary Clinton’s loss of the election, Pope Francis might very well now become the world leader of the Left. De Mattei then wrote:

    On his return flight from Mexico on February 18th of this year [2016], in commenting Trump’s plan to build a wall between the United States and Mexico in order to slow down the migratory surge the Pope had said that “a person who thinks only of building walls and not bridges, is not a Christian.” […] Yet, no matter how strong the reservations towards Trump can be, for a Catholic it would be difficult to imagine a position of equidistance between him and Hillary Clinton, who had officially inserted a massive implementation of abortion and the LGBT agenda into her programme. [That is,] Unless self-defence against the migratory invasion is considered a graver sin than the legalization of abortion and so-called homosexual marriage.

De Mattei is to be commended for his far-sightedness. He not only predicted Pope Francis’ role as the leader of the Left world-wide, he also pointed to the increasing danger of incited and practiced violence in this regard:

    For his part, after Clinton’s defeat, Francesco now remains the only point of reference for the international left, [now] lacking a leader. On November 5th at the conclusion of the Third World Meeting of the so-called “Popular Movements” in the Vatican, in the presence of revolutionary agitators from the five continents, Pope Francis turned to them saying: “I make your cry mine”. But the cry of protest, that is raised by the movements gathered in Paul VI’s audience hall, is, unfortunately, characterized by ideological fanaticism and incitement to violence. [my emphasis]

Not two weeks ago, major newspapers in this country came out with stories as to how Donald Trump’s closest advisor, Steve Bannon, now tries to influence the Vatican, with the help of Cardinal Raymond Burke. OnePeterFive’s author Christian Browne responded some of these attacks on Cardinal Burke with charitable indignation. However, if we are concerned about Trump’s advisor trying to influence Vatican policies, we might be just as concerned about Pope Francis trying directly to influence U.S. politics and supporting groups that are funded by George Soros, supporter of Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood. Worth noting in this context is the request made by The Remnant, on 20 January 2017, that the Trump administration should investigate “what appears to be a collusion between a hostile [Obama] United States government and a pope who seems to hold as much ill will towards followers of perennial Catholic teachings as he seems to hold toward” Trump himself.

As to the strategic and tactical networks of “revolutionary agitators,” we might recall the gifted Louis Auguste Blanqui (1805-1881) in nineteenth century revolutionary France, and why Vladimir Lenin himself so greatly admired him and learned from him. Pope Francis himself would probably agree that Louis Blanqui was a greater revolutionary agitator and organizer than Saul Alinsky.

 This post has been updated.


 Pope Maker: The Soros Syndicate

Over a decade ago, with typical hubris, George Soros bragged, that he “is the Pope’s boss, now.” It appears that his boast became a self-fulfilling prophecy in the Francis pontificate.

The two most powerful men in the world joined forces to form a curious and troubling alliance. One of them, often referred to as the most dangerous man in the world, the other, the Vicar of Christ.

Within a few short months of Argentine Bergoglio’s papal election, the Soros inner circle was firmly entrenched at the Vatican, calling the shots, drafting documents, setting the Soros political agenda with the power and moral persuasion of the Vatican. The global eco movement finally found their critical missing component, the voice of moral authority. The greenies can now deposit their feckless leaders, Al Gore, Leo DiCaprio and Michael Moore in the recycle bin.

As the recent WIKILEAKS Soros data dump demonstrates, the billionaire Soros’ tentacles entangle policies and create chaos in countries around the globe through his legions of operatives at his Open Society philanthropies. His money funds extremist groups seeking to topple capitalism, and promote radical environmentalism global order. His coterie of advisors spans the globe in positions of influence and power, carrying out his radical agenda.

Although Open Society funds radical Catholic groups, Soros was unable to capture the papacy as his ultimate prize in world domination because the two previous conservative Popes steadfastly opposed his radical agenda. Until now.

The environmental movement desperately needed a new dazzling demagogue to bol ster its sputtering global warming cause and silence its critics under pain of criminal felonies or mortal sin. On March 13, 2013, with the sudden and unexpected regime change in Vatican City, Soros and his UN operatives understood that the climate instantly warmed and opportunities abounded with the new leftist Argentine pontiff. George Soros could not have imagined a more perfect partner on the world stage, one he has been searching for his entire career: a major religious leader pontificating as the moral authority for the environmental, borderless countries, mass migration, and pro-Islamic movements. Enter, Jorge Bergoglio, the smiling, all merciful Argentine.  
Within weeks of the Francis election, Soros’ collaborator, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon paid the obligatory courtesy visit to the new pontiff, and Moon knew something had dramatically changed at the Vatican. After his papal visit, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon announced to the world, “We discussed a need to advance social justice and accelerate the world to meet MDGs and the Sustainable Development Goals. (SDGs) We also talked about the need for all of us and the world to advance the dignity and human rights, especially for women and girls.” Shockingly, the newly elected Vicar of Christ seemingly blessed the radical pro-abortion MDGs and SDGs, but this was only the beginning of the Soros coup at the Holy See. In the words of UN Foundation (another Soros beneficiary) Vice Chair Timothy Wirth, famously known for his condom tree at his previous State Department post said: “We’ve never seen a pope do anything like this.
No single individual has as much global sway as he does. What he is doing will resonate in the government of any country that has a leading Catholic constituency.” The friendly papal reception resonated among the global elites. Alleluia! Francis gave the green light to the controversial abortion laden, gender bending, feminist driven Millenium Development Goals(MDGs) and their offspring, the SDGs. Jeffrey Sachs, Special Advisor to UN Secretary General on the MDGs also enjoys a 30 year long economic relationship as a Soros stalwart, close advisor and grantee of Soros’ millions.

Sachs headed to the Vatican to craft the blueprint for the Vatican’s rollout of the theology of global warming. Immediately, the UN, through its Soros-infused stable of experts, began to dominate the Vatican agenda by silencing and banishing any opposing views on the science of global warming. Happily for Soros and the UN, Pope Francis only wanted to “dialogue” with one side of the climate debate.

UN Secy Gen Ban Ki Moon, George Soros and Jeffrey Sachs

The Soros Brain Trust at the Vatican-The Green Dream Team Jeffrey Sachs, Economist, Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, Special Advisor to the U N Secretary General, and long time Soros collaborator and beneficiary. Since 1989, economist Jeffrey Sachs has served as Soros’ peripatetic globe trotting expert, promoting his controversial “shock therapy” by lifting currency and price controls, and various other fast paced tactics to introduce countries into the free market economy with mixed results. Sachs rebounded with the assistance of Soros and heads the Earth Institute at Columbia U and reconfigured his skill sets as the UN poverty czar directing the Millenium Villages project, with the assistance of $50 million from Soros.  - CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING.

Under the "Choom Gang" President Obama, illegal and legal drug use has accelerated. The role of billionaire hedge fund operator George Soros in the crisis that is taking tens of thousands of lives a year is examined by drug policy expert David Evans. Soros is behind the marijuana movement and even heroin injection centers, such as those proposed in Seattle. Evans looks at how the drug companies pushing opioids benefited from a law passed by Congress and signed by Obama and sparked an opioid epidemic. 


The main stream media will have no choice but to report on this but it will be too late as they're all incriminated through their connections to George Soros Media Matters Foundation and elite left organizations.
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