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Friday, January 16, 2015


Nakakatawa naman ang vid na ito.. pwede ba maging Lamb ang Wolf? di ba wolf is representation of the devil in the Bible o ng mga FAKE teachers and FAKE prophets? Can we tame a wolf? Let us decide for ourselves FAKE nga ba talaga si Tagle and even the POPE?

The Pope of Rome is here in the Philippines for a 4 day visit. We see pope mania almost everywhere. The country is excited to see this man whom they believed to be a Holy Father. The pope's visit is given a theme of "Mercy and Compassion". Some believed his mission is to repair a Church that is now in the brink of destruction? Well perhaps his visit to the Visayas particularly in Rome-aldez country will be truly merciful and compassionate that he will help repair literally the whole storm devastated towns of Visayan Island most specifically in Tacloban City. If truly he will be showing mercy and compassion he should be giving donations sufficient enough to rebuild Tacloban and neighbouring towns. But I doubt it... let us wait if he will give some of  the gold and money of Roman Catholic church ... the wealth hidden in the vault of Vatican City. If he is truly God's representative here on this earth he will have Mercy and Compassion to this Roman Catholic country that is mostly poor and under nourished compared to the west where food is wasted everyday!

Pope Francis I with Father Suarez who was not long ago believed to be as a "FAKE HEALER"???

"What we do know is that Vatican Bank, officially titled the Institute for the Works of Religion, manages €5.9bn ($7.3bn, £4.64bn) of assets on behalf of its 17,400 customers. And it manages €700m of equity which it owns. Another titbit to emerge is that it keeps gold reserves worth over $20m with the US Federal Reserve." - Extracted from How rich is the Vatican? So wealthy it can stumble across millions of euros just 'tucked away' - you can read it all HERE.
You can also read about VATICAN BILLIONS --- HERE.

Vatican City is the richest country in the whole world do you know that? Alright people let us wait if the POPE, the so-called Holy Father will have Mercy and Compassion to Filipinos... if he is indeed a "carpenter" who will  repair this nation's spiritual and physical status. Presently, I believe we are morally, spiritually and materially bankrupt because of CORRUPTION!!!

Kung baka sakaling maawa nga sila... nakow biglang asenso sa Pinas di ba? New roads and public transportation. Libreng health care pwede rin? Mataas na sahod kase more money talaga into the people ang mangayayre kung kaawaan nga talaga si JUAN? ano pa pwede mangayare?.. napakarami.. aasenso pati si Pedro kasama si Nog-nog. o baka FAKE lang ang lahat ng ito??? 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015



'There is no other head of the church but the Lord Jesus Christ: nor can the Pope of Rome in any sense be head thereof; but is that antichrist, the man of sin, the son of perdition, that exalteth himself in the church against Christ, and all that is called God.' - MORE..


Monday, January 12, 2015


It is surprising why many so-called "Pinoys" or Filipinos doesn't want to accept the fact that the country is full of corrupt religious leaders in the government. Perhaps it is because it is embedded in our culture.? 'May kasabihan, kung ano ang puno siya rin ang bunga.' We are numb because it has become part of us our culture and we are used to it. 'Nakasanayan na nating mga noypi?' For more than four hundred years Roman Catholicism who was brought by the Spaniards is still dominating our country's government. You can call me anti-Roman Catholic but history tells us that Romanism is a corrupt religion that should be rejected. With hundred of cases of pedophilia, human rights violations against nations and cultures, including falsification of documents together with conspiracy in acquiring land and riches of other kingdom and nations, the Philippines is just one of many of them who suffered injustice and deception from the hands of this pseudo-religion who has a great influence in the world's ruling class and mass media. I strongly believe we have been deceived and it is not too late to get out of her. Romanism is a false religion! The Bible predicts her coming destruction and His Spirit is calling us out of Babylon!!! 

The coming of Pope Francis I.. I believe will usher in another new level of deception and of course corruption designed specifically  for this country and our neighbours. It is sad that many ignore the fact that Jesuitism is an evil society who is not only devoted to secrecy and corruption but also murder of innocent people who are against Popery. This coming 15 to 19 of January 2015 we will witness another chain of events that seems harmless on the outside but spiritually it will envoke legion of demonic forces to continue bring havoc in the spirit in this land. For many the effect of his coming seems good on the surface temporarily but it is like a contagious disease that will slowly corrupt the hearts and minds of many and will make them accept a false God and Christ to achieve the ancient Luciferian plan of a Unified One World System... a resurrection of the tower of Babel. Doctrinally speaking not only against the very teachings of the Apostles but of Christ as well. Take heed and be not deceived!

Below are youtube vids that will bring you to the other side of the fence and see for yourself what is the state of the masses, the poor and what kind of corruption they have brought to our children. The so-called Philippines is not only deceived and suffering but also neglected and abused. It is true corruption in this country is not new but part of the culture. We have no solution and no one can help us but only God through His Son Jesus Christ our Saviour! (Jn. 14:6) He is our ONLY hope! It is not too late to repent and make Him your God and King.

Make sure you watch all of the videos below and understand what is going on behind our culture.. the power of deception that is making many of us blind of the TRUTH.

Male Actor Robin Padilla who was converted to Islam gave his testimony in an ABS-CBN show hosted by Karen Davila of what was his experience and findings during his imprisonment in NEW BILIBID PRISON few years ago. This is a controversial vid because many are said to be conspiring in the present corruption happenings in BEAUCOR, a mafia like sydicate involving inmates and prison officials. Perhaps it is true what Prof. Erle Frayne D. Argonza of the University of the Philippines posted in his blog about Noynoy and the Jesuits before Mr. Benigno Aquino III was elected president of Philippino nation; "We could easily see that a Noynoy Aquino presidency will usher another period of Jesuit mafia operations, with the Jesuit Order thus fulfilled that its offspring alumni are able to do the dirty job for it (SJ) that had successfully re-fashioned its image to a do-good fraternity." (Extracted from Prof Argonza's wordpress blog - click HERE to read the whole post.) The Manila Times also said that ‘Aquino govt is most corrupt’ (Read the news HERE.) You decide for yourself and tell me if I am not telling you the TRUTH.

Sex and Religion in Manila.

Sex and Religion in Manila is a BBC TWO episode about Roman Catholcism and the church beliefs on family planning featuring the legacy of Spanish colonialism including its effect on the Philippino culture. This video is deleted from BBC TWO's website. The two vids below are also a must and understand for yourself 
the bad fruits of corruption in the culture of Philippine Nation. Happy Viewing!!!


Our World Living with Slums.
'' I met business graduates, found an internet cafe, met the volunteer police force and got offered the chance to eat a boiled egg with a chicken embryo. I said I would rather jump in the canal naked, and the local women invite me to do just that.  Then, over a beer with ex-Father Dennis, discussing our mutual experiences with the Salesians and the Jesuits, I discovered what one billion people on the planet have discovered - slums are not so bad.

They have changed from the Dickensian hell holes of our imagination. Through education and communications technology people are making life bearable for themselves - and of course providing the modern mega-city with an indispensable workforce of cheap labour. The result is we have to confront a question that would have appalled the 19th Century pioneers of city design - do we have to live with slums forever? I do not know the answer to that question - but I now understand the question.'' - Paul Mason, Do we have to learn to live with slums?  Read the whole article HERE.

A few years ago I was in the Middle East and was talking to an OFW and I cannot forget what she said to me...  "it is sometimes embarassing to be a Filipina".. the look on her face is enough and I know what she meant. It is like being in a mall and by the clothing you wear and perfume you use or by your smell many people around you can tell what is your socio-economic status and background. Most Filipinos are working in other countries because of unemployment in the Philippines, then not to mention of the low wages and standard of safety rules and benefits. We tend to immigrate because of socio-economic problem in the country even though we miss the feeling of ''feel at home'' and warm weather. 'Masaya sa Pinas pero walang pera eh.' It is better abroad because most of us are generally lacking materially speaking. 'Hindi sapat ang kinkita!'  This saying is what most poor people say. But many seems to be blind. They cannot tell religion can also bring them to a life that is miserable and wanting. We tend to ignore religion is not the cause. The truth is religion plays a major part in our culture... our culture was shaped by Romanism mainly in Luzon and Visayas. We learn from school our culture is still on the process of getting rid of colonial mentality. Are we really on the process? 'Ipinanganak akong Katoliko, mamatay akong katoliko!' This is a wrong belief and saying. But we believe this is true because this is what we hear from our parents or from others. We have been deceived and misinformed. We have been robbed of our identity and culture. Not to mention the material wealth that should belong to us like gold and land. Many of us now are landless and many foreign names like Spanish-Filipino names own vast amount of land in this nation. Si Juan ay tamad, ngunit si Nog-nog ay totoong masipag at mabuti. Sa totoo lang si Juan ay Filipino at si Nog-nog ay dugong malaya! Our ancestors fought until the last drop of their blood against the people who brought this corrupt religion to this land. We are suffering because of our false belief that is presently eating the very fabric of this nation. Our government and church are both corrupt. The Spanish friars had left, but their rotten religion is still here and sending many souls to hell. The name Philip had become a trademark on our souls... and of course on our nation. Our identity is not original but an imitation. It doesn't belong to us... it is a foreign brand! A Spanish Portuguese brand that doesn't belong here. Parang baka, may tatak na pinasuan sa pigi kung sino ang may-ari. Ganon din ang Filipino.. tatak ng Hari ng Espanya! I believe unless God and His Spirit change us we cannot do a single thing. A monergistic process must first occur before we can be changed within.. then our culture will see those who are truly in Christ. Reformed Churches are instrumental in changing this nation. If God permits, our land will prosper not in terms of material wealth... but culturally. A rich culture with good government and social class. A society with people in the government who are God fearing, honest and truly public servants. Free education for the masses, free hospitalization and health care are just signs and benefits of a good government and honest public officials. The cost of living will be affordable and poverty will disappear. Crime rate will plummet and succumb. Evil can be resisted and stopped. But looking at the world now and the state of our nation, these things seems impossible. It is impossible to those who are not in Christ. 
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