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Friday, December 15, 2017

Robert C. Sproul 1939 - 2017

“If there is one maverick molecule in all the universe, then God is not sovereign. And if God is not sovereign, He is not God.” - R.C. Sproul

 Ang isa sa mga Amerikanong Teologo na "Reformed" at kilala sa buong mundo na guro, mangangaral sa himpapawid, sa telebisyon, maging sa masang Amerikano. Isang manunulat, pastor, at apolohetika. Nagtatag ng Ligonier Ministries noong taon 1971 ngunit  ngayon ay sumakabilang buhay na kahapon dahil sa sakit na “severe respiratory difficulties exacerbated by the flu and complicated by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).” sa edad na pitong po at walo o 78.

Si Robert Charles Sproul ay na ordenahan taong 1965 bilang Kanunuan sa United Presbyterian Church in the USA at lumipat ng knasasapiang kapulungan noong 1975 sa Presbyterian Church in America.

"Incomparable Combination- As time went by, I came to realize that the impact of such preaching was owing to R.C.’s incomparable combination of allegiances.First, he had a serious and rigorous attention to the actual text of Scripture. He was not making his points in general, as his sermon floated in a fog above the text. He was reading the text. He was pushing my nose into the clauses. He was showing me what is really there. The shocking realities were real because they were really in the text.

Second, over time, when you heard R.C. do this kind of thing repeatedly, you realized such serious and rigorous attention to the text was owing to his total devotion to the inerrancy and radical relevance of the Scriptures. He didn’t believe that the message of biblical texts was innocuous and unexciting, and therefore in need of artificial verbal boosters to make the thunder crack. Oh no. If you take the text seriously, and you realize this is the very word of God, you may expect that its relevance will be repeatedly shocking.

Third, therefore, the jolting formulations of biblical truth that were sprinkled so liberally through R.C.’s preaching and writing were not artificially concocted to add effect, but strategically chosen to express reality. And he would say that the jolting expressions, if anything, fall short of, rather than exaggerate, the reality of the text.

Fourth, emerging from the exegesis, and rising in my heart, was an unashamed allegiance to the absolute sovereignty of God to show mercy or to judge according to his infinite wisdom. This was R.C.’s goal: a heart that is stunned and humbled and captivated by the transcendent greatness and purity of God."
-  extracted from Unashamed Allegiance My Tribute to R.C. Sproul (1939–2017)  -by John Piper, Founder & Teacher,
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