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Saturday, January 06, 2018


"...the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve." - MATTHEW 4:8-10KJV

The Jesuits and the global finance system

Because today, the true dominant global wealth of the Roman Catholic Church is so well hidden behind hundreds of thousands of trusts, companies, cross ownerships and secretive laws, any discussion regarding the complete control of the Catholic Church and the global financial system is difficult to fathom with any credibility.

Automatically, the natural reaction is to classify such discussions as conspiracy. In truth, the global financial system that we know today and the world economy would not have occurred, if not for the events that saw firstly the Jesuits disbanded, a war resulting in the assassination of two Popes before finally the Jesuits achieving a lasting treaty from 1814 onwards and the restatement of the most powerful order in church history.

Unlike the greedy Popes, the Jesuits saw the vast wealth of the church as a strategic asset that could be used more precisely to ferment revolution, finance war, change governments and defeat their long time non-Catholic enemies.

Again, unlike the insular Popes, the Jesuits had seen the power and success of using business and finance to build influence through its phenomenally successful relationships in Japan, other parts of Asia, Russia and the Americas.

The Jesuits had the first hand experience of the pioneers of the modern finance system, the English Protestants ( Jesuit insiders within this movement) in the 17th Century as a case history in the power of finance to power the rapid expansion of an Empire.

Banks and in particular Private Banks were also a powerful tool for achieving strategic objectives and also provided an effective means of hiding the wealth of the Vatican, both from the Pope (from whom it was initially stolen) and from other forces.

In banks and the establishment of the global finance network, the Jesuits discovered for the first time a means by which they could literally play two or more sides against one another, without anyone being the wiser, excluding the bankers of course, and at the same time make money from funding the conflict.

In the past, Jesuits had focused primarily on assassination and court influence, both fraught with great personal peril. But in building the global financial network, allied with loyal families, themselves aligned to the ancient Jewish noble families, the Jesuits could effectively start huge wars and never risk direct implication.

Founded Name Nation Status
1602 Dutch East India Company Netherlands Private
1672 Hoares UK Bank
1690 Barclays UK Private
1692 Coutts UK Bank
1694 Bank of England UK Central
1695 Bank of Scotland UK Bank
1727 Royal Bank of Scotland UK Bank
1741 Wegelin Switzerland Bank
1755 Bank Leu Switzerland Bank
1762 Hope & Co Netherlands Private
1784 Bank of New York USA Bank
1787 La Roche Switzerland Bank
1796 Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch Switzerland Bank
1796 Darier Hentsch & Cie Switzerland Private
1799 Bank of the Manhattan Company (now JP Morgan Chase Bank) USA Private
1800 Rothschild Germany Private
1805 Pictet Switzerland Bank
1762/1806 Barings Brothers & Co Bank UK Private
1812 City Bank of New York (now CitiBank) USA Private
1816 Mirabaud Switzerland Bank
1817 Bank of Montreal Canada Bank
1818 J. Henry Shroeder Bank Germany Private
1820 Nordea Sweden Bank
1822 DnB NOR Norway Bank
1824 Algemene Bank Nederland (now ABN AMRO) Netherlands Private
1828 Centreville Bank USA Bank
1832 Scotiabank Canada Bank
1839 Hambros France Bank
1848 Lazard USA Bank
1850 HSBC Hong Kong Bank
1854 Swiss Bank Corporation (now UBS AG) Switzerland Private
1856 Credit Suisse Switzerland Private
1860 J. P. Morgan (now JP Morgan Chase Bank) USA Private
1863 Crédit Lyonnais (now Credit Agricole) France Private
1863/71 Amsterdam-Rotterdam Bank (now ABN AMRO) Netherlands Private
1864 Société Générale France Private
1870 Handlowy w Warszawie SA Poland Bank
1870 Deutsche Bank Germany Private
1870 Chase National Bank (now JP Morgan Chase Bank) USA Bank
1904 American Bank of Italy (Now Bank of America) USA Bank
1912 Union Bank of Switzerland (now UBS AG) Switzerland Private
1913 Federal Reserve Bank USA Private
1930 Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Switzerland Private

The important pattern to note is the general groupings of dates of bank formation and their significance. The first is the formation of banks by English Protestants ( Jesuit insiders) during the end of the 17th Century. This marks a watershed moment in the economic architecture of the first phase of the British Empire.

The second pattern is the grouping of banks formed in the Netherlands and Switzerland just prior to the suppression of the Jesuits around 1767 by Portugal, Italy, France and Spain.

The third pattern is the grouping of banks formed during the active suppression of the Jesuits and their war with the Vatican and Popes from 1773 to 1818 in the United States, Switzerland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

This group of banks created during the Vatican-Jesuit War is probably the most historically influential, secretive, political of any group of banks in human history. Almost all of them have been implicated in an assortment of allegations from funding of wars, crimes against humanity, treason and money laundering.

The Darier Hentsch & Cie Bank (1796, Switzerland) was the bank that happened to fund Napoleon his European Wars that saw the Papal States and influence of the Vatican crippled.

The Rothschilds (1800, Germany) are famous for suddenly acquiring massive wealth almost overnight and then proceeding to fund numerous European Wars, Asian Wars including World War I.

Barings Bank (1802, UK) is famous for organizing the purchase of Lousiana by the United States from Napoleon during his war with Britain.

City Bank of New York (now CitiBank) (1812) is famous for helping finance the North side of the Civil War, US involvement in World War II, US business in Nazi Germany and US involvement in World War II.

J. Henry Shroeder Bank (1818, Germany) is famous for being the almost exclusive bank for the Nazis.

Of the top 20 banks of the world today, over half originate from the period 1760 to 1860 which saw the Jesuits disperse the massive wealth of the Catholic Church to all parts of the globe, especially great influxes into the United States.

In terms of Private Banks, in 1986, the total asset value held was said to be US$4,300 Billion. In 1997, the figure has more than doubled to $10,000 Billion. In year 2000 alone, the figure hit $13,600 Billion trillion, and is currently still growing at a rate of 30 percent per year. The current estimate of total asset value of deposits held by private banks is around $17,000 Billion.

The Federal Reserve Bank and the Catholic Church
Indirectly, the most valuable banking investment of the Roman Catholic Church is its investment control of the Federal Reserve Banks of the United States.

Through a highly complex arrangement of small holdings across sometimes thousands of banks and cross-ownership holdings hiding foreign ownership, the Catholic Church has effectively controlled the Federal Reserve Bank and therefore the destiny of the United States economy since the turn of the 20th Century.

The Catholic Church has only ordered the complete pulling of the plug of the United States economy once in 1929 to the early 1930's effectively grinding the economy to a halt during the Great Depression along with Europe.

While an extremely high risk strategy that could have caused another Civil War in the United States, the action was necessary to generate suitable conditions of poverty in Europe for the rise of Catholic appointed dictators in Germany, Spain, Italy as well as South America. Without the deliberate action of the Catholic controlled banks, the Great Depression would not had happened and by default World War II would not have taken place.

Since its formation, only one President of the United States --a Catholic himself --has attempted to override the power of the Federal Reserve and the Roman Catholic Church by ordering the US Treasury to print its own money. The money was destroyed the day after he ceased to be President. His name was John F. Kennedy.

Putting it all together
Putting all this together, you can see that there is a lot more to who actually controls the wealth of the world and the actions they dictate from time to time that affect whether we will have a job, a home and food to eat.

At the very least we can blame the US Federal Reserve in part --also realizing that this organization remains essentially a set of private trusts holding the US public and the world to ransom with its decisions. Indeed, it is an institution heavily influenced by its Catholic masters.

Yes, collectively we all borrowed too much money. But in reality all we did was ask for a little of the massive wealth stolen and held by others such as the Vatican and the Jesuits to flow through their banks and into our pockets. We weren't really borrowing, just finding a way to get back some of what is rightfully ours in the first place.

The sub prime crisis should never have happened. The Federal reserve could of easily contained the problem and stopped it in 2008. Instead, against all logic they let it get substantially worse.

The answer to the fundamental question of why? why throw the world back into a depression again after 70 years requires a fresh article--an article that explains the structure of the global banking system controlled by the Vatican and Jesuits and how they started to "turn off the credit taps" by Christmas time 2008.- Taken from The Jesuit Continiuum - the Systems, Memes and History. AVAILABLE ONLINE HERE. -


 The Fact of the matter is quite clear to see, the Rothschild's are nothing more than bankers for the Black Pope. All evidence points to this fact. The Rothschild's . This video should hopefully explain the power structure with sufficient detail to completely eradicate and forever expunge the daft notion that the Rothschild's .
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