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Saturday, March 11, 2017

“Giver of Light And Life”

By Melicent Huneycutt

“Oh, morning, at the brown brink eastward, springs / Because the Holy Ghost over the bent / World broods with warm breast and with ah! bright wings.”

With these lines Gerard Manley Hopkins captures the fresh Genesis images of the Holy Spirit as Creator, brooding over the waters and nurturing them into light and life, and as the Breath of God, breathing personhood into the potent human clay.

Most Biblical images vivifying the person and work of the Spirit are images of life. The Spirit is life-giver, life-nurturer, the life surging in the creation and growth of human personality. Paraclete, the Greek name by which Jesus introduced the Holy Spirit, who was to walk beside and dwell within believers, is translated to express warm and growth-enhancing qualities: Comforter, Counselor, Advocate, Helper, Partner.

As Comforter, the Spirit first comes into our lives to show us that we were created to be like God; we were chosen before the foundation of the world to “be holy and blameless before him” (Ephesians 1:4). The Spirit helps us understand that our self-dissatisfaction grows out of awareness that we fall short of the glory God designed us for, and then as Comforter the Spirit leads us to hope in Christ, who yearns to be the Healer of our brokenness. Making us one with Christ, the Spirit becomes one with us, filling us with newness of life.

As “the One beside us,” the Paraclete nurtures us while we discover our new selves in Christ. The Counselor guides and encourages us toward healthy attitudes and choices, the Advocate intercedes for and stands up for us, the Helper pours into us strength to live true to our new personhood, and the Partner shares in our struggles and our victories.

The Holy Spirit is the life of Christ in us. Like an iris springing from a dull, dry tuber, we are transformed by the Spirit’s life surging into us. Some of us blossom overnight, while others grow slowly like a century plant — we each grow according to the God-seed planted in us and our healthy response to the Spirit’s nurture.

Slow growers may experience “being filled with the Spirit” as a process; they may give to God level after level of themselves, being filled always with increasing joy and power to serve. Others may experience a sudden spurt of growth, a sense of God rushing into their persons and their lives in such a dramatic way that they try to find a special word for this event. Whatever the name we give to this transforming power, whatever the description of the process, we know that somehow we have been enabled to put ourselves out of the way so that the Spirit has become free to urge us to our full potential.

The evidence that we have been “filled with the Spirit” is not often a supernatural gift such as speaking in tongues, which some mistakenly see as the only “proof.” Paul makes it clear in 1 Corinthians 13 that the Spirit expresses life in us by fruit rather than by gifts. Love, joy, peace, courtesy ripen in those who yield themselves to the inflowing life of God through the Spirit. As unconsciously as trees bear their fruit, stretching their branches to the sunlight and drawing life into their abiding roots, the people of God as they mature delightedly and unself-consciously bring forth graces in their relationships. By these fruits, the indwelling Spirit is made known–and the true joyous self of each believer fulfilled.

The Spirit gives gifts even to the immature: the love to reach out to others, helpful hands-on service, communication with power. The purpose of gifts, however, is not so much to enhance the growing individual but to be the life of God in the whole body of God’s people. Just as the Spirit brings to full personhood each one who welcomes the life of God, so the Spirit brings us into oneness with each other in Christ and surges in our common life to fulfill God’s dreams for us as the Body of Christ.

Because the gift each of us brings to the Body is a channel for the flowing of God’s love and healing power, believers have the responsibility for discovering, developing and using their gifts. Otherwise the life of the Spirit is stifled in one area or another. Fruitful folk are often those whose gifts are also most prodigally shared.

The greatest fruit, love, is also the greatest gift. Since our life in the Spirit is a life in God, and God is love, all the gifts we have are offered to the Body in the context of love and of delight in the healthy growth of the whole Church.

The Creator Spirit who works in each one of us, often futile and fragile people, to fill our lives with love and our beings with joy, creates an even greater miracle. Somehow that same Spirit infills thousands, millions of other equally frustrated folk and makes us together one living, fruitful, giving organism: the Church of the Living God, the Bride of Christ.

What beauty there is when we move in perfect harmony, responsive to the Life of the Spirit that makes us one!

— Melicent Huneycutt, a former Christian educator and PCUS missionary to Korea and associate pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Evanston, 111.; at the time of the original printing of this article she was active in the Covenant Fellowship of Presbyterians and a member of the Joint Task Force to Write a New Directory for the Service of God.

Extracted from Holy Spirit (3 views) Reprinted from the September 1985 issue of Presbyterians Today. You can READ the WHOLE ARTICLE by Clicking HERE.

Friday, March 10, 2017


"The God of Wow" Words and music by Dave Fournier and George Romanacce. © 2015 Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)/Sovereign Grace Worship (ASCAP). From The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New. All rights reserved. Administrated worldwide at, excluding the UK which is adm. by Integrity Music, part of the David C Cook family. CCLI #7053016
Sung by Benjamin Hoppe

You have no birthday, You have always been
You alone have no beginning
And no middle and no end
You're always with me, You are everywhere
In New Jersey or in Egypt
Even outer space–You're there
Everything You are and do
Is unbelievable but true

You're the God of Wow!
Amazing! How could this be?
You're the God of Whoa!
You're more than I could ever, ever dream
The more I learn about You
Exclamation points abound
To the God of Wow!

You're never needy, how could You be?
You made everything on Earth
And in the sky and in the sea
You're never lonely, the Trinity!
Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Yet You're reaching out to me
Inviting me to come to You
Inconceivable, but true!

I can't find the words that could be
Big enough, loud enough
There could be no song that I could
Sing enough or shout enough
When I want to praise Your name
But don't know how I just say
Wow! Amazing! How could this be?
And I say Whoa! You're more
Than I could ever, ever dream

Designer of the dinosaurs
Mapper of the ocean floor
Of all the wows below, above
The best of all is Your great love
You're the God of Wow!

The Ology a companion to The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New, a storybook theology by Marty Machowski. More info here:

Song information and resources here:

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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

ROMAN MASONIC SAUDI ARABIA and Jesuit World Domination.

Vatican Jesuits control BOTH sides of the American-led “War on Terror”

Jesuits created the Masonic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932 using their fanatical, Islamic cult known as "Wahhabi Islam." Wahhabi Islam, "the Sword of the Church" in the Jesuits modern day Freemasonic pyramid was intended to be used against apostate, White Protestant, Western Civilization, was a creation of the Jesuit Society.

Jesuit created the Masonic Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia back in 1932
With the Empire having been governed by the Jesuit Order through Freemasonry for the last two hundred years, Wahhabi Islam was fortified during the reign of that wicked, Jesuit-controlled murderer of the Irish people, Queen Victoria of England.

British SIS agent, English noble and Knight of Malta, Sir John Philby, feigned himself to be a Wahhabi among the Arabs, thereby facilitating the enthronement of Masonic Ibn Saud as the first king of Saudi Arabia. Both Freemasons Winston Churchill and Benito Mussolini, whose confessor was a powerful Italian Jesuit and the Secretary of the Jesuit Society, Pietro Tacchi-Venturi, also aided in the establishment of the Masonic Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because of its CFR-created, cartel-capitalist oil monopoly, finances the Jesuits Freemasonic Terrorist Network; that Network is overseen by the "Father General's" SS/Central Intelligence Agency, which in turn has been consistently directed by CFR affiliates since its inception, they being either oathbound Knights of Malta, 33rd Degree Freemasons or members of Yale's Satanic Brotherhood known as "Skull and Bones."

The CIA is presently directed by CFR-member and Skull and Bonesman, Porter J. Goss. Goss now answers to another CFR-member tied to British Intelligence through his wife; he is another "brother Skull and Bonesman," John D. Negroponte, the new National Intelligence Tzar (our Nazi Heinrich Himmler or Soviet Lavrenti Beria), appointed by another brother "Bonesman," President George W. Bush.

It is (and always has been) the Vatican Jesuits who control both sides of our present Anglo-American-led "War on Terror." We believe the Jesuit Order, through its control of the Office of Immigration, has cautiously and cunningly erected its Islamic Terrorist Network in America.

One of its purposes is to create anarchy through carefully calculated "terrorist attacks." There are strong indications that our coming desolations will include several detonations of "dirty," highly radioactive, atomic devices now in place throughout the Vaticans "Holy Roman" Fourteenth Amendment American Empire.

The Jesuit Theater has told us as much with its movies, True Lies and The Sum of All Fear. Certain American Generals, hosted by the New York Press Club in 2004, believe that from five to ten devices will be detonated simultaneously, killing hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of Americans.

The Jesuits will blame their Masonic Islamic Middle Eastern leaders. These unprecedented "terrorist attacks" will justify the suspended of the Constitution, the decree of martial law, the committing of all domestic police powers into the hands of Michael Chertoff's Office of Homeland "Romeland" Security locking down the nation while implementing gun confiscation in time for the Grand Solar Minimum mass starvation (

 Meanwhile the Order's CFR-controlled Congress will ram a national draft down our throats sending more heretic Protestants, Jews and Aboriginals to their deaths. The deceived Americans will be all too willing to aggressively deploy and kill the Non Masonic Moslem peoples and destroy their Non Masonic Mosques in Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem, never knowing that they have been SET UP to do the murdering for the Vaticans Jesuits to rule over the Babylonian Empire once again when the weather is cooler in Africa during this Grand Solar Minimum; 

Meanwhile, Papal war against other religions will continue. 

In the case of the masonic 'Jewish' Rothschilds, besides their Vatican banking role they, and several other prominent Jews, like,

  • Knight of Malta Heinz Kissinger
  • left-wing gatekeeper Noam Chomsky
  • Federal Reserve bank celebrity Alan Greenspan
  • Homeland Insecurity front Michael Chertoff,
  • ...

have to perform the role of being Masonic 'Jews' (another Jesuit controlled political movement of socialist-communist-fascist ideology), to try to incite hatred towards the Jews as them being the "top controllers of global evil".

This is a scam which has sadly worked before.

Due to the fact that there are Sabbatian-Apostate-masonic Jews helping with the Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic mafia crimes, its sometimes difficult for people to see it for what it really is: a distraction/shield/proxy for the larger Vatican mafia network. Jewish people have been systematically discriminated and murdered for almost 2000 years by the Holy Roman empire, just like Christians, Arabs/Muslims and many other cultures and their religions.

These days, after the staged 9/11 psy-op trauma operation (and the staged follow-ups in Madrid and London) by the secret services controlled terrorist-groups such as CIA-Qaeda, Shia Muslims and secular 'Arabs' are especially targeted in many ways (by the media, politics and the Jesuit/SMOM-controlled military apparatus) in the so called "War on Terror".

This "War on Terror" is the main follow up to the Cold War hoax, to allow further crusades for 'World Domination' and further attacks on constitution-protected freedoms.

The aggression against the people of the Middle-East is a very old battle, it was waged by Romans and later the Holy Roman Empire. (Source: )

Monday, March 06, 2017

SAUDI ARABIA UNCOVERED and The TRUTH about the House of Saud.

"Forty-seven. That’s how many people the government of Saudi Arabia executed on terror charges in a single day at the start of 2016, in the kingdom’s largest wave of executions in more than three decades.

That bloody day — which included the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a controversial Shia cleric and opponent of the Saudi government – sent shock waves around the region and the world, prompting fresh scrutiny of the oil-rich kingdom, long a U.S. ally.

Now, a new FRONTLINE documentary, Saudi Arabia Uncovered, goes inside the tightly-controlled kingdom to tell the stories of men and women who are risking everything to try to change their country, and challenge the powerful ruling regime.

With undercover footage, on-the-ground reporting, and unique access to al-Nimr’s family (his 21-year-old nephew Ali is now on death row for his alleged role in anti-government protests as a teenager), the documentary shows a side of Saudi Arabia rarely seen by the outside world: enormous wealth and modernity alongside stark poverty, public violence, and restrictions on women, such as the prohibition of driving.

“Saudi Arabia is at a critical moment right now, facing all sorts of economic, religious, and political pressure from both within and without,” says director and producer James Jones, who previously made the acclaimed FRONTLINE film Secret State of North Korea. “As the kingdom grapples with economic distress, the complicated wars in Syria and Yemen, and a resurgent Iran, we wanted to see firsthand what is happening on the ground.”

Though Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil exporter and King Salman, the royal family, and their inner circle are among the wealthiest people in the world, the global crash in oil prices has hit the Saudi economy hard: As undercover footage obtained by FRONTLINE illustrates, as much as a quarter of the population is estimated to live in poverty.

“All the people are angry, but the problem is that they can’t speak. Everyone is scared of being imprisoned,” says an activist named Yasser who filmed for FRONTLINE. “If the truth comes out it will be the beginning of the end for [the regime].”

The undercover footage filmed by Yasser’s network of activists documents public violence against women, reveals brutal conditions inside a Saudi prison, and captures scenes of protest in the Shia-dominated east of the country after the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. Saudi Arabia Uncovered also shows the kingdom’s notorious religious police – the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice – patrolling streets and shopping malls to enforce their strict form of Sunni Islam known as Wahhabism, and how children are taught in school that Christians, Jews and Shia Muslims are the enemy.

Along the way, the film follows key figures leading efforts to make change in Saudi Arabia: Raif Badawi, a blogger who was imprisoned and sentenced to 1,000 lashes for posts critical of the government and Islam; and Loujain Hathloul, a prominent women’s rights activist who filmed herself driving in defiance of the kingdom’s laws." - Extracted from

The Saudis received investments and military protection in exchange for cooperation on lucrative oil deals. The Satanic, sex-obsessed, alcohol-drinking gang of vicious hypocrites, better known as the House of Saud.Have you seen these people? Wanted for mass murder and gross hypocrisy. MORE..CLICK HERE.

SAUDI Arabia was established with the help of a British Jesuit spy!!

The original founder of the Saudi dynasty was a Bedouin Emir named Muhammad ibn Saud (circa 1748- 1765).

In 1744, Muhammad ibn Saud's son, Abdul Aziz, married the daughter of Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab (1703-1792):

Here in Dariya, Al-Wahhab won the support of the local chief, Muhammad ibn Saud, leader of a sub-branch of the powerful Aneiza tribe and already admired for his abilities as a warrior.

Muhammad ibn Saud became not only a convert to Wahhabism but, by marrying his eldest son Abd Al-Aziz ibn Saud to Al-Wahhab's daughter, became the founding father of the Saudi-Wahhabi dynasty—the future rulers of Saudi Arabia. (Allen, God's Terrorists, The Wahhabi Cult and the Hidden Roots of Modern Jihad, p. 52).

This marriage alliance of Emir Abdul Aziz ibn Saud with Imam Abdul Wahhab created an alliance between political and religious Wahhabi Islam . . . and remains the basis of the Saudi dynasty to this very day.

Abdul Aziz ibn Saud (1876-1953). Caliph from 1932 to 1953
Emir Abdul Aziz ibn Saud was the founder of SAUDI Arabia. His great-grandmother was the daughter of Imam Abdul Wahhab—a Jesuit in disguise—who took the Koran literally and advocated killing all the "Bad" Muslims.

Harry St. John Bridger Philby. (1885-1960).

This "revival" of Islam came at the very time when Pope Clement XIV permanently abolished the Jesuits!!

Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul WAHHAB preached a fire and brimstone "if you do not fight for Islam, Allah will punish you sternly" message:

In the middle of the eighteenth century, an itinerant Muslim preacher, began crisscrossing the northern reaches of the peninsula and the Fertile Crescent, from Mecca and Medina to the al-Hasa Oasis in the east to Basra, Baghdad, and Damascus. Mohammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, born in 1703, was not a city dweller, and he didn't bother with the kind of learning that occurred in the Arab world's intellectual centers. Spreading the Islamic version of fire and brimstone, Abdul Wahhab thundered that the Muslims needed to purge themselves of everything that had been learned since the days of the Prophet a thousand years before. It was a revivalist movement in the classic sense, with eager followers packing tents thrown up by Abdul Wahhab's organizers.
Abdul Wahhab's most important convert was the founder of the Al Saud dynasty, Mohammed ibn Saud. Ibn Saud apparently saw himself as an eighteenth-century version of the Prophet Mohammed, conquering lands for Islam and imposing his faith on the conquered. To reinforce their message, Abdul Wahhab, Ibn Saud, and their followers had the unfortunate habit of slaughtering anyone who disagreed with them and demolishing their cities, their mosques, and their shrines.
From 1927 to 1932 Ibn Saud continued to consolidate power throughout the Arabian Peninsula. In March 1929 he defeated elements of the Ikhwan, which had disobeyed his orders to cease raiding and had invaded Iraq against his wishes, at the Battle of Sbilla. In 1932, having conquered most of the Peninsula, Ibn Saud renamed his dominions "Saudi Arabia" and proclaimed himself "King of Saudi Arabia."(Dreyfuss, Devil's Game, p. 36).

Philby (top row second from right) with the future Saudi King Feisal in 1919.

Harry Philby (father of the notorious spy Kim Philby) was another British Jesuit secret service agent like Haji Williamson.

Harry Philby a.k.a. Sheikh Abdullah was a British Jesuit spy, convert to Islam, and liaison to the new Saudi Caliph of Arabia.

In this picture, Philby can be seen on the steps of St. Aldro's boarding school with his son Kim Philby and the future King Feisal.

Philby with Aramco lawyer Lloyd N. Hamilton
 negotiating Saudi oil concessions.

Even though Saudi Arabia was MADE IN ENGLAND, the Rockefeller owned Aramco was given the major oil concessions . . . thanks to Philby and friends!!

While representing the top echelon of the British government, Philby negotiated with the Saudis to grant Rockefeller the major oil concessions!

Abdul Aziz ibn Saud in 1943.

These 2 men: one a British Jesuit spy, and an Arab sheikh, created Saudi Arabia dominated by the fanatical Wahhabi sect of Islam.

Harry Philby in 1945

It's back to the Dark Ages with this cult because Wahhabism accepts nothing that was added to Islam after the 7th century.

Rosary beads and minarets are also banned in this so-called "reformed" Islam!!

In Wahhabi Arabia, electricity, the motor car, airplanes, telephones etc., etc., were seen as a NECESSARY EVIL in order to get the oil out of the ground!

The Yom Kippur or Ramadan War quadrupled the price of oil!!

In October 1973, Syria and Egypt launched a surprise attack on the Khazar state. The Khazars call it the Yom Kippur War and the Muslims call it the Ramadan War.

Egyptians soldiers crossing the Suez Canal.

Destroyed Syrian tanks.
Russia supported Egypt and Syria while the Pentagon supported the Khazar state.

The war almost led to a showdown between the United States and Russia.

After the war, OPEC quadrupled the price of oil. It went from 3 dollars to 12 dollars a barrel. It was the best thing that ever happened to radical Islam:

In the 1970s, political Islam was bolstered by the explosion of a parallel force: economic Islam. Part of the vast wealth pouring into the Arab oil-exporting countries found its way into a network of banks and investment companies controlled by the Islamic right and the Muslim Brotherhood. In country after country, these Islamic banks did much more than serve as money-changers. Sometimes openly, sometimes secretly, they supported sympathetic politicians and army officers and funded activists and political parties, Islamist run media companies, and businesses controlled by the Brotherhood. From 1974 onward, the Islamic banking system served as the financial backbone for the Islamic right.

And throughout it all, the Islamic banking system—which went from zero to global powerhouse in the two decades after 1974 depended heavily on the advice and technological assistance it received from a host of American and European institutions, including such major banks as Citibank.
To Western bank executives, International Monetary Fund officials, and free-market ideologues, the Islamic banks seemed ideal. The Islamic right had long made clear that it preferred capitalism to atheistic communism. None of the important Islamist movements, from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to Pakistan's Islamic Group to the Shiite fundamentalists in Iraq, preached social and economic justice. Instead, they opposed state ownership, land reform, and social welfare programs. (Dreyfuss, Devil's Game, pp. 168-169).

U.S. crude oil prices since 1859.

The vast influx of petrodollars enabled Saudi Arabia to buy politicians, TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, universities, publishing houses, sports teams, churches, seminaries, etc., etc.

U.S. gasoline prices since 1947.

With the FALSE PROFITS of billions of petrodollars, Saudi Arabia was able to buy politicians, TV stations, universities, newspapers, radio stations, publishing houses, sports teams, churches etc., etc., and the Caliphate became the center of Wahhabism or radical Islam. (Extracted from Good Muslims VS Bad Muslims - Click Here to read the whole article.

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